Congratulations to the MSI 2017 ARC grant recipients

Monday 5 June 2017

The MSI wishes to congratulate the recipients of the latest ARC Future Fellowship grant round which was announced on Monday, 5th June.

Scheme: ARC Future Fellowships 2017 round 1
Recipient: Associate Professor Scott Morrison
Grant amount: $950,837.00
Project: Quantum symmetries: mathematical models for topological matter.
This project aims to investigate quantum symmetries, new mathematical objects which allow an algebraic description of topological phases of matter. The project expects to bridge the current gap between our mathematical and physical understandings of these topological phases of matter. The project will develop innovative tools for analysing and constructing new exotic symmetries, and provide an extensive survey of examples. It is expected to build national research capacity in an emerging filed and put Australia at the forefront of the mathematics of topological matter.

Scheme: ARC Future Fellowships 2017 round 1
Recipient: Dr Qinian Jin
Grant amount: $800,000.00
Project: Regularisation methods of inverse problems: theory and computation.
This project aims to investigate regularisation methods for inverse problems which are ill-posed in the sense that their solutions depend discontinuously on the data. When only noisy data is available, regularisation methods define stable approximate solutions by replacing the original inverse problem with a family of well-posed neighbouring problems monitored by a so-called regularisation parameter. The project expects to develop purely data-driven rules to choose the regularisation parameter and show how they work in theory, and in practice. It will also develop convex framework, acceleration strategies as well as preconditioning and splitting ideas to design efficient regularisation solvers.

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