2014 AMSI Summer School in the Mathematical Sciences

Higher Education - Australian Mathematical Science Institute - 2014 AMSI Summer School in the Mathematical Sciences

The Mathematical Sciences Institute at The Australian National University welcomes masters, honours and postgraduate students from around Australia to the 12th Annual Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) Summer School. The School is an exciting opportunity to improve your mathematical skills and meet other students.

The program is packed with additional events - BBQ's, guest lectures, a Careers Session, the annual dinner and more. Full travel and accommodation scholarships are available.

The annual AMSI Summer School is funded jointly by the Department of Education and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute.

The summer school courses are designed for students who have completed the equivalent of at least a major in mathematics or statistics. The courses are directed to current 3rd year students going onto 4th year honours in 2014, and current 4th year honours students and PhD students.

Summer school timetable

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Course Resources for Registered Students

For all students registered into a AMSI Summer School course, please log into the Summer School Alliance page for all course updates and information. 

Date & time

6–31 January 2014


Mathematical Sciences Institute
Australian National University
Canberra ACT 0200


 Research Administrator
 612 52897


Summer School courses
Subject Lecturer
Finite element method Dr Bishnu Lamichhane, Newcastle
Statistical inference Professor Alan Welsh, ANU and Associate Professor Robert Clark, Wollongong
BioInformatics Dr Conrad Burden, ANU
Differential geometry Dr Ben Andrews, ANU and Dr Julie Clutterbuck, ANU
K theory Dr Vigleik Angeltveit, ANU
Introduction to conformal field theory and string theory for mathematicians Professor Peter Bouwknegt, ANU and Dr David Ridout, ANU
Hydrodynamic stability Associate Professor Sergey Suslov, Swinburne
High dimensional data Associate Professor Inge Koch and Dr Samuel Mueller

Lectures will be held in and around Mathematical Sciences Institute's John Dedman Building. This website will be updated as soon as program details are available.


Must I register to attend the lectures?

Yes. You may attend Summer School lectures only if you have registered and paid the registration fee, even if you only want to sit in on a course. This applies in particular to ANU students and staff.

How much does it cost to register?

The registration fee is $220.00 (GST incl.) for first time students from AMSI member institutions and $400.00 (GST incl.) for all other applicants. The registration fee is the same whether you sign up for one or two courses.

How do I register and pay?

To register, please follow the instructions at online registration. Once you have completed the registration form, follow the instructions for payment. Your registration will not be processed without payment

Can I get a refund for my registration fee?

Some departments refund students their Summer School registration fee. You should contact your masters/honours coordinator or head of department to see if you are entitled to a refund. Registrants who wish to withdraw their Summer School application and obtain a refund of the registration fee must apply to do so by 6 December 2013 by emailing the Summer School Director at:  Stephen.roberts@anu.edu.au.

Who is eligible for travel and accommodation support?

Only "AMSI students", meaning anyone who will be enrolled as an honours or postgraduate student at an AMSI member institution during first semester 2014. The awarding of financial support is made by the Summer School organisers and is dependent on the number of applicants and the nature of their studies. Priority is given to students enrolled in honours/masters programs in the mathematical sciences.

How much support will I receive?

The school will try to cover full accommodation cost for eligible students, but the final level of support depends on the number of applicants.   Financial Support will be issued on a first in, first served basis.  To support their students, departments from outside Canberra will receive a fixed amount of travel support based on standard return economy airfares from their home town to Canberra. Provisional travel reimbursement rates for major centres are up to:

  • Adelaide: $450

  • Brisbane: $350

  • Hobart: $750

  • Melbourne: $200

  • Newcastle: $400

  • Perth: $750

  • Sydney: $200

How do I know if I am an AMSI student?

To confirm that you are an AMSI student, your application can be endorsed by your current supervisor, honours coordinator, or head of department, but if he or she is not from the relevant institution, then some other evidence of your enrolment may be required. Other circumstances which lead you to believe that you should qualify as an AMSI student will be considered on a case-by-case basis. View the list of AMSI member institutions here.

Can international students attend?

Certainly, but they must be enrolled as an honours or postgraduate student in an Australian Institution at the time of the Summer School.

Can staff at Australian universities attend?

Yes, but no accommodation or travel support is provided for university staff members. The registration for staff is $400.00 (GST incl.).

I am a student at a non-AMSI institution. Can you make an accommodation booking for me?

Yes, we will be happy to make a booking for you at the college where we have a block booking, subject to availability.

I live in Canberra. Can I get free accommodation during the Summer School?

No. However, if you are faced with exceptional difficulties of some sort, feel free to talk to us.  Canberra students are of course invited to attend all events on the social program free of charge.

I am not a masters/honours student, postgraduate student or university staff member. Am I able to attend?

Yes, but you are not eligible for travel and accommodation support.


Obviously, plagiarism or copying is not acceptable and will incur penalties, which may be as severe as failure in the subject. Plagiarism form

What are the key dates?

  • First registration deadline*: 2 November 2013

  • Final registration deadline: 30 November 2013

  • Accommodation arrival: After 2pm Sunday 5 January 2014

  • Start of lectures:  8.30am** Monday 6 January 2014

  • End of lectures: 5pm Friday 31 January 2014

  • Accommodation depature: 10am Saturday 1 February 2014

* Priority for accommodation, financial support and course selection will be given to bookings received and paid by this deadline on a first in, first served basis.

** Registrations will commence

How many courses can I enrol in?

Students may enrol in at most two courses. We do not recommend taking more than one course for assessment. If you take a course for assessment, be sure to check with your home university about whether it can be counted towards your degree.

Am I guaranteed to get into my chosen courses?

No, but every effort will be made to accommodate your choice. Where necessary, preference will be given on the basis of first come, first served. The final decision on course placements is at the discretion of the organisers.

Taking subjects for credit

Some universities recognize AMSI Summer School subjects and will credit your results in the Summer School towards your degree. If you haven’t done so already, you are strongly advised to contact your head of department or masters/honours coordinator for guidance as to whether or not, and how, your Summer School subjects may be accredited by your home university.

Will the courses have assessment?

Assessment will be offered for each course and you will need to inform the lecturer if you intend to take the course for assessment. Assessment will only be compulsory for those students taking a course for credit towards their degree. Exams will conducted at students' home institutions soon after the summer school ends. Dates for the exams and release of marks for courses taken for credit will be decided during the summer school.

Because of the compressed nature of the Summer School, the rhythm of assignments and the nature of the exam may be quite different to the assessment you are used to. Make sure you understand the assessment details in the subject(s) you take. Also, it is very important that you respect the assessment deadlines.

How many lectures does a course involve?

Each course has 28 contact hours, that is, 7 hours per week on average.

Can I apply for special consideration?

Yes. Requests for special consideration should go directly to the School Director, who will provide a copy to the lecturer. Requests must be in writing and should include documented evidence as appropriate. Any action on a special consideration request will be conducted in consultation between the lecturer and the School Director. Because of the short duration of the School, special consideration requests cannot be treated entirely in the usual way. Special consideration requests will be examined subject to the following principle: consideration may be given for circumstances that prevented the student showing what they had succeeded in learning, consideration won’t be given for circumstances that prevented the student from learning.

Are there special arrangements for students with disabilities?

For students with disabilities, Equity and Access requests (eg, for materials in large font) should go directly to the School Director, who will liaise with the lecturer to provide appropriate support. For materials to be prepared in time, applications should normally be made well in advance of the commencement of the Summer School.


Complaints by students should be addressed in writing to the Summer School Director.

ANU Honours Students

Students commencing their Honours in the Mathematics program at the ANU in 2014 are welcome to take any of the AMSI Summer School courses for credit as part of their 4th-year coursework. However, for most of the courses they will have to do additional work and pass additional assessment. All such students are requested to approach the relevant lecturers early to discuss the extra work and assessment necessary.



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Standard rooms have been reserved for students from outside Canberra at Bruce Hall, within easy walking distance of the John Dedman Building. A hot breakfast and dinner will be provided as part of the accommodation.

Check in

From 2pm Sunday 5th January 2014

Check out

At 10am on Saturday 1st February 2014

For more information please visit the Bruce Hall website.


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