On arrival:

Our specially chartered bus is scheduled to leave from Liversidge Apartments at 1pm and Canberra airport at 1.30pm on Sunday March 18. Our estimated time of arrival at Murramurang is 4pm.

Upon arrival, you will receive:

  • Conference nametag.
  • Conference postcard with a QR code with a link to the conference program and abstracts.

We are aiming to go paperless this year, so in order to access the conference program, please follow the attached instructions on how to download and use a QR code. Please note that this only applies to those who will have smartphones and tablets. If you do not have any of these devices, please let us know and we will print a program for you. WiFi information will also be also included in the postcard.

Accommodation details

Check in: 
Upon arrival, you will be able to register to the conference and check in to your room. After check in, dinner will be served  at the restaurant at 6.30pm. Andrew Hassell will be hosting an informal wine & cheese gathering after dinner on Sunday. For those arriving during the week, check in is from 2pm onwards. 

Check out: 
Check out is at 10am. For those departing early, you can drop your keys in a secure box at reception.

On departure:
Our specially chartered bus is scheduled to leave Murramurang at 1.30pm, so our estimated time of arrival at Canberra airport is 4.30pm and Canberra city by 5pm on Friday March 23.

About the conference: 
All meals are included in the registration. There are also kitchen facilities in the villas, but very little opportunity to buy food unless you have a car. There is a small kiosk at the resort that sells a few basic food items as well as other useful things like sunscreen, etc. More useful is a cafe at the resort which sells meals, snacks, coffee etc, all day, which could be useful if you have a voracious appetite! There’s also a bar next to the café that sells alcoholic drinks.

Facilities in the conference room: computer projection (bring your own cables if you want to connect your laptop), and two small whiteboards. 

Talks will be held from 9am - 12.30 daily, with free afternoons (except for a single session on Tuesday after lunch), and there will be an evening session after dinner. The conference room will be available for use during the afternoon, if you want to meet with others and use a whiteboard or data projector. There are also attractive places to meet and discuss mathematics in small groups around the pool, and elsewhere in the resort. 

About Murramurang
NRMA Murramarang Beachfront Holiday Resort sits at the south end of the coastal town of South Durras, a little over 2 hours from Canberra and 4 hours from Sydney. Just 15 minutes south is the major coastal town Batemans Bay for shopping and supplies.

What to bring:
Don’t forget your swimming costume, towel, hat, and sunscreen. Note there is a pool at the resort, as well as the resort beach which is protected from most ocean swells and is generally safe for swimming. Could bring a mask and snorkel -- while not a great diving site, you should still see some fish. Also hiking shoes - there are beautiful walks both north and south along the coast. The walk south is especially pretty, as it is all through national park, and goes through eucalyptus forest to a succession of lovely small bays that are entirely undeveloped. 

Important to note: if you don't have an Australian passport, you will need a visa (in most cases, electronic) to enter Australia, so if you haven't got one already, please do it ASAP. For those arriving on or before March 12: this is a public holiday and MSI will not be open on that day.

Important security advice
If you’re planning to go swimming in the ocean, please be aware that rips are the number one hazard on Australian beaches. Rip currents are strong currents of water flowing away from shore through the surf zone. You can access a video on how to spot a rip current here:


For more information, please go to this website:  https://beachsafe.org.au/surf-safety/ripcurrents


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