Important dates 

Registration Opens: 18 March

AustMS Funding Applications Close: 17 May

Student Conference Support Fund Applications Close: 14 June

Abstract Submission Closes: 14 June

Registration Closes: 14 June

Registration costs

The link to register and pay these costs is at the bottom of this page. The conference dinner is included.

Graduate Student (AMSI/AustMS member) $20
Other graduate students $30
Honours Student (AMSI/AustMS member) $15
Other honours students $20.

Accommodation and Transport

Participants are responsible for organising their own accommodation in and transport to/from Canberra. Funding is available only for low-cost accommodation and transport: please share accommodation where possible. Please be sure to keep copies of booking receipts for the purposes of funding applications. A non-exhaustive list of accommodation options can be found here:

A map containing all relevant conference locations can be found at The main location is the Haydon Allen Lecture Theatre (also known as The Tank), which will be used for the welcome address and the plenary lectures. The parallel sessions will be held in rooms nearby. The ANU campus is a short walk from the City Bus Station (for bus timetables, see

Student talks

The length of each talk should be 20 minutes, plus an additional five minutes for questions. A beamer and whiteboards will be available.


Wireless access is available through eduroam. We advise everyone to look up how to connect to eduroam through their home institute before coming to Canberra.

Financial Support

Student Conference Support Fund

The organising committee of this conference has established a Support Fund to partially reimburse students for their budget travel and accommodation costs. The majority of this Fund is financed by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI), and additional funds have been made available by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Additionally, the ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences has made funds available to specifically support honours students who wish to attend this conference. 

The guidelines for this support fund are as follows:
1. In order to be eligible for funding, postgraduate students are required to present a talk at the conference. Honours students are not required (but are still encouraged!) to present a talk. 
2. Only budget travel and budget accommodation will be considered for partial reimbursement (travel by car is acceptable only if it's cheaper than public transport by sharing the car with other participants).
3. At most 50% of the costs for travel and accommodation may be reimbursed through this Support Fund, depending on the limited availability of funding. 

The deadline for applying for the Student conference support is 14 June 2013, which coincides with the deadline for the submission of abstracts. 

To apply for funding, send an email to You should include:

  • Your name, institute, and whether you are an Honours, Masters or PhD student
  • A short CV
  • A summary of your accommodation and travel expenses (if traveling by car, please provide an estimate of the distance, the associated fuel costs, and the names of other participants you're car-pooling with)
  • Receipts of your bookings and expenses (if traveling by car, provide us with your fuel receipts after the conference)

After the deadline (but before the conference) you will be notified of the amount you will be reimbursed. The actual reimbursement will take place shortly after the conference.


The Australian Mathematical Society (AustMS) Council has approved the addition of this conference to the Society's Student Support Scheme. This means that students who attend the conference and present a talk can apply for financial support from AustMS. The support is subject to the following conditions:
1. Support is restricted to student members of the Society: if students are not already members they must join at the time of making their application.
2. In order to be eligible for funding, students are required to present a talk at the conference - a proposed abstract is needed on the application form.
3. It is expected that students will have discussed their plans with their supervisors and supervisor endorsement of applications is required.
4. Applications should be made on a prescribed form. The full cost of the travel, registration, airfares and accommodation should be itemised in the application. Details of support obtained, or applied for, from other sources (or an explanation as to why there are none) should be given, together with the amount that the student is requesting from the scheme. At most half the full cost will be supplied by the Student Support Scheme.

The deadline for applying for AustMS support is 17 May 2013, which is 4 weeks prior to the deadline for the submission of abstracts. For more information and for the application form, please refer to

Note that the AMSSC is not explicitly mentioned on the AustMS funding form. State that your talk will be at AMSSC in the "Your proposed Conference TALK TITLE and ABSTRACT" section, and request 50% of your expenses from AustMS while indicating that you will be applying for up to the remaining 50% from other sources.

Honours students

If you are considering starting a PhD at the ANU next year, there is an extra option for financial support available to Honours students who wish to attend this conference. The ANU College of Physical & Mathematical Sciences is offering grants of up to $1000 for potential PhD students to experience the research opportunities and lifestyle of ANU first-hand. This is your chance to meet potential supervisors, experience campus life and see the facilities available to students at ANU.

For more information and to find out how to apply, please refer to:

Abstract Submission

Abstracts for talks should be submitted as a plain text or simple latex fragment via email to

Participants should also include their name, a title and an indication of the general subject area(s) of their talk - choose one or two from the following options:

Algebra, Calculus of Variations and PDE, Combinatorics, Computational Mathematics, Differential Geometry and its Applications, Dynamics and Operator Algebras, Financial Mathematics, Functional Analysis, Geometric Analysis, Geometry and Topology, Group Actions, Mathematical Physics, Mathematics Education, Mathematics in Biology and Medicine, Maths of Planet Earth, Number Theory, Probability and and Statistics, Other (please specify).


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