New Directions in Fractal Geometry


23–28 November 2014


ANU Canberra and ANU Kioloa Coastal Campus


 Brittany Shoard
 61 2 6125 2897

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This conference will cover some emerging hot topics in Fractal Geometry and will stimulate collaboration between theory and applications.  The goal is to showcase the strength and potential of Fractal Geometry to a wide community of researchers in mathematics and other disciplines. 

  •  Geometry and Topology of Fractals
  •  Fractals in Computation and Numerical Analysis
  •  Fractal Transformations, Tiling and Numeration
  •  Fractal functions with emphasis on Wavelets
  •  Applications

On the applications side, the symposium will focus on areas where fractal ideas are starting to have a significant impact. For example, fractal transformations in two and three dimensions, with special properties, are an emerging area of interest in digital imaging, 3D printing and in the design of new materials. Fractal tilings and numeration are relevant to encryption and internet security. New designs for fractal antennas were suggested by recent developments in Iterated Function Systems theory.

Graduate students, early career researchers and industry professionals are encouraged to attend.  The workshop format will ensure there is plenty of time for one-on-one interaction between senior mathematicians, junior researchers and people looking at ways fractal geometry can be applied.

There will be a special luncheon 'Women in Fractal Mathematics' sponsored by ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS).

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There will be approximately 20 full length lectures, and some contributed lectures. 

The following have accepted invitations.

  • Christoph Bandt (University of Greifswald, Germany)
  • Michael Barnsley (Australian National University, Australia)
  • Valérie Berthé (CNRS-University Paris Diderot, France)
  • Jon Borwein (University of Newcastle, Australia)
  • Nathan Cohen (Fractal Antenna Systems Inc, USA)
  • Thierry Coulhon (Australian National University, Australia) 
  • Christian Gentil (Université de Bourgogne, France)
  • Jeffrey Geronimo (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Douglas Hardin (Vanderbilt University, USA)
  • Markus Hegland (Australian National University, Australia)
  • Professor Irmina Herburt (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland)
  • Konstantin Igudesman (Kazan State University, Russia)
  • Jun Kigami (Kyoto University, Japan)
  • Michel Lapidus (University of California, USA)
  • Krzysztof Leśniak (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland)
  • Hui Rao (Hua Zhong Normal University, China)
  • Károly Simon (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary)
  • Nina Snigreva (University College Dublin, Ireland)
  • Andrei Tetenov (Gorno‐Altaisk University, Russia)
  • Jörg M. Thuswaldner (University of Leoben, Austria)
  • Andrew Vince (University of Florida, USA)
  • Michael Whittaker (University of Wollongong, Australia)


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