Weekly bulletin

Week starting Monday 21 May 2018

29 May - Graduate Seminar

Start time: 29 May
Location: John Dedman Building 27 Room G35
Presenter(s): Gleb Shabernev (MSI)

The PhD seminar is a weekly seminar held on Tuesday mornings, at 11am, for PhD students to talk about their thesis work or other projects.

There is tea in the common room afterwards.

1 June - Quantum mathematics meeting

Start time: 1 June
Location: John Dedman Building 27, Room JD1177 (meeting room)
Presenter(s): Elliot Catt (MSI)

Quantum computing algorithms have been developed to solve all kinds of problems, however none have been developed specifically for inductive inference. Inductive inference is the process of reasoning what will come next, given some evidence (data). In this talk I will give a brief overview of inductive inference and a solution proposed by Solomonoff, as well as an overview of quantum computing. Lastly I will present my work on a quantum algorithm for inductive inference.