Research activity at MSI is focused into the following programs.

Algebra & topology

The Algebra & Topology research program explores the areas of: Algebraic geometry (moduli spaces, motives, arithmetic aspects especially involving Witt vectors,...

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Analysis & geometry

The Analysis & Geometry research program explores the areas of: Differential geometry Several complex variables Non-commutative geometry Harmonic analysis...

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Applied & nonlinear analysis

Current research in the Applied & Nonlinear Analysis research program emphasises: elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations geometric and physical...

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Bioinformation science

The Bioinformation Science research program brings together researchers with backgrounds in mathematics, statistics and quantitative biology with the goal of...

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Computational mathematics

The Computational Mathematics research program actively studies theoretical aspects of computational algorithms, both in the continuous and discrete settings, as well...

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Mathematical physics

The Mathematics Physics research program spans the ANU College of Science, with several members having joint appointments with the Department of Theoretical Physics in...

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Statistical science

The Statistical Science research program explores the areas of:  statistical inference statistical modelling robustness nonparametric and semiparametric methods...

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Stochastic analysis & risk modelling

The Stochastic Analysis & Risk Modelling research program explores the areas of:  stochastic modelling of financial processes, including insurance risk processes,...

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Theoretical astrophysics

The Theorectical Astrophysics research program explores the areas of:  compact stars, such as white dwarfs, neutron stars (pulsars and magnetars ) and black holes...

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