The 60th birthday of Amnon Neeman

Neeman Amnon
4–5 September 2017

This gathering will celebrate the Australian career of Amnon Neeman and honour him on the occasion of his 60th birthday.


    Amnon Neeman arrived in Australia as a 13-year-old in February 1971. He finished Randwick Boys High School in 1974, winning the Room Medal for coming top in NSW  at the mathematics HSC exam. He went on to study mathematics at U.Sydney starting in 1975. There he was immersed in its exciting mathematical culture and was especially influenced by Terry Gagen, Max Kelly, Gus Lehrer and John Mack. He got an honours degree with a University Medal in 1978, and then a master's degree in 1979 shortly before heading off to pursue his PhD in the USA.

    At the time it was customary for the top students in U Sydney to head off to Cambridge or Oxford for their PhDs. It was John Coates, then at the ANU, who advised Amnon that going to the US was much better. Jon Glass, a young postdoc at the time, gave a course at U Sydney on algebraic geometry, following Mumford's red book, and it was on his advice that Amnon went to Harvard to study with Mumford.

    Amnon spent nearly twenty years in the US, at some elite universities. He returned to Australia in March 1999, with a position at ANU. In 2010, he was awarded a Laureate Fellowship. He is the author of two books and some seventy papers.

    The following students completed their PhDs with Amnon: Avishay Vaknin (2003), Daniel Murfet (2008), Greg Stevenson (2011), Shane Kelly (2012), Hafiz Khusyairi (2017).

    Triangulated Categories and Geometry - a conference in honour of Amnon Neeman

    An international conference in Amnon's honour was held in Germany in May. For more information.



    4 September 2017
    Time Session
    Geometric approach to the invariant theory of the orthosymplectic super group scheme
    Professor Gus Lehrer
    Toward multilinear extension of homotopy theory of small categories
    Associate Professor Michael Alexandrovich Batanin
    Base change of Morita theories
    Emeritus Professor Ross Street
    Conference dinner
    Copper Chimney
    5 September 2017
    Time Session
    Coffee and tea
    Tannakian categories in characteristic zero
    Dr Peter O'Sullivan
    Turing machines and Coalgebras
    Dr Daniel Murfet
    K-theory of line bundles and regularity
    Professor Christian Haesemeyer

    On Monday 4th September, we will be hosting a dinner in honour of Amnon Neeman at Copper Chimney Restaurant. If you would like to attend, please make sure to select this option at checkout.

    Please note, we are asking for a $15 contribution, no alcoholic drinks included.

    Registration date

    9th August to 1st September 2017

    Innovations Lecture Theatre, Building #124, Australian National University



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