Everything around sl^ϵ_{2+} is DoPeGDO. So what?

I'll explain what "everything around" means: classical and quantum m, Δ, S, tr, R, C, and θ, as well as P, Φ, J, 𝔻, and more, and all of their compositions. What DoPeGDO means: the category of Docile Perturbed Gaussian Differential Operators. And what $sl^ϵ_{2+}$ means: a solvable approximation of the semi-simple Lie algebra $sl_2$.

Knot theorists should rejoice because all this leads to very powerful and well-behaved poly-time-computable knot invariants. Quantum algebraists should rejoice because it's a realistic playground for testing complicated equations and theories.

This is joint work with Roland van der Veen and continues work by Rozansky and Overbay.

The talk handout is available here.