Honours Seminar

Talk 1 (James King): An Introduction to the Transportation of Mass
In life, it is intrinsically desirable to optimise. One area where optimisation is important is in the transportation of materials. Specifically, we are interested in the transportation of an initial distribution of materials to another final distribution. A natural model for such a situation is that of a function, mapping points in the support of the initial distribution to points in the support of the final one. This function tells us where to spend each unit of Mass. Transporting materials naturally incurs a cost, and we are interested in the existence of a function as described above that minimises this total cost.

However, such a function rarely exists. Hence, we must construct a weaker formulation of the problem and analyse its properties. This is the subject of the talk.

Talk 2 (Yuxi Liu): AIXI, the Universal Intelligence

Superhuman AI might finally arise within this century. In order to understand what such a creature would do, and to build one, a theoretical model of intelligence is needed. AIXI is such a model of intelligence, which has been proven by Marcus Hutter (professor at ANU) to be the most "universally intelligent", in some mathematical sense.
In this talk, I will explain how AIXI is built up from some philosophical considerations, and how these philosophical foundations are encoded in one big formula.

Talk 3 (Yiming Xu): An illustrative introduction to theorem prover HOL4.