Patterns of obsession

Mathematics is the study of the order and patterns that structure the universe. Since the 1970s, computers allowed new understanding of complex and chaotic systems, and resulted in new geometries being discovered such as fractals.

Singapore-based artist and architect Richard Hassell discusses tessellation art, the recurrent tropes of his practice, and the interconnectivity between nature, mathematics, art and architecture.

Richard Hassell is a Founding Director of WOHA, the practice which designed PARKROYAL on Pickering, Oasia Hotel Downtown and the School of the Arts in Singapore. He has served on advisory panels for URA, BCA and DesignSingapore Council. He has taught at the National University of Singapore and is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Western Australia. His last solo exhibition “Strange Creatures Complex Tessellations” was on show at Arndt Fine Art in Singapore in 2016. His new exhibition “Knots and Nets” will open in Taipei in October 2018.