ANU’s bachelor of mathematical sciences: a so-hot-right-now degree

28 August 2017

Employer demand for maths graduates is booming. 

MSI's new bachelor of mathematical sciences degree has been listed as one of the most attractive degrees in the market, according to an article posted in the Sydney Morning Herald on August 5, 2017. 

A resurgence on "hard science" has pushed employeers to seek graduates with a deep specialisation in science related fields, such a mathematics, physics and astronomy.  According to associate professor Michael Hitchens from Macquarie University, science graduates "are likely to have an average of 10 to 14 different jobs by the time they're 38", making our bachelor of sciences one of the most highly regarded programs in the field. 

The bachelor of mathematical sciences is a single three year undergraduate degree offered by the ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. For more information and to apply.

Read the article 'New science degrees attract active minds', Sydney Morning Herald, 5 August 2017.