Weekly bulletin

Week starting Monday 22 April 2019

3pm 29 April

Start time: 3pm 29 April
Location: MSI small seminar room 1.37
Presenter(s): Dean Muir, Presenter(s): Keeley Hoek, Presenter(s): James Martini, Presenter(s): Mitchell Rowett

Talk 1 (Dean Muir): tba

Talk 2 (Keeley Hoek): tba

Talk 3 (James Martini): Phase retrieval problem.

The phase retrieval problem in it's most general form is the problem of recovering a signal from measured data (usually the measured data is the magnitude of the Fourier coefficients, that act as constraints on the function in the Fourier domain) and a priori suppositions on the structure of the signal itself (which act as constraints on the function in the object domain, usually this can be positivity or sparsity). Using these constraints, algorithms can be developed and convergence analyses can be performed. In my talk, I will mention how some applications map onto constraint types, and how the current and past literature has dealt with such constraint types, i.e. different algorithms and their advantages and disadvantages. Essentially, the presentation will be a problem statement and overview of the papers I have read so far.

Talk 4 (Mitchell Rowett): tba

11am 30 April

Start time: 11am 30 April
Location: Hanna Neumann Building 145, seminar room 1.33
Presenter(s): Cheryl Sun, ANU

(abstract TBA)