Bregje Pauwels

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research interests

Tensor-triangulated categories in modular representation theory, algebraic geometry and stable homotopy theory.


Gluing Approximable Triangulated Categories. (with J. Burke, A. Neeman)

Gerstenhaber structure on the Hochschild cohomology of a class of special biserial algebras.  (with J. Meinel, V. Nguyen, M. Redondo, A. Solotar) 

Quasi-Galois theory in symmetric-monoidal categories. 2017 Algebra & Number Theory 11-8 (2017), 1891–1920. 

- Quasi-Galois theory in tensor-triangulated categories. 2015 Thesis (Ph.D.) University of California, Los Angeles. 2015.