Lance Gurney

Postdoctoral Fellow

I work in arithmetic and algebraic geometry. I'm interested in Witt vectors, δ-structures and stacks [and anything that has one of those words in it].


Frobenius lifts and elliptic curves with complex multiplication [arxiv:1910.14358]
To appear in Algebra and Number Theory (2020)
Canonical lifts and δ-structures (with J. Borger) [arxiv:1905.10495]
Selecta Mathematica, 26, (2020)
Canonical lifts of families of elliptic curves (with J. Borger) [arxiv:1608.05912]
Nagoya Mathematical Journal, 233, (2017)
Elliptic curves with complex multiplication and Λ-structures [arxiv:1710.08674]
PhD Thesis (2015)