Louisa Barnsley


Research interests

As a temporary measure while a website is developed the links to the talks from EViMS2 and New Directions in Fractal Geometry will be available here.

EViMS Talks

Link to picture of EViMS attendees

Christoph Bandt : Visualization of Functions in Reality

Jonathan Borwein : Experimental Computation and Visual Theorems

Peter Eades : What is a good diagram (reprise)

Attila Egri-Nagy : The "big data era" of semigroup theory

Brendan Harding and Emma Ai : 3D fractal transformations

Paul Leopardi : Visualization as its own reward

    Krzysztof Leśniak's applets on Geogebratube : http://www.geogebratube.org/user/profile/id/301

Anthony Morphett : Visualisations of mathematical concepts with interactive applet

   Anthony Morphett's applets on Geogebratube : http://geogebratube.org/user/profile/id/36916

   Anthony Morphett's project website : www.melbapplets.ms.unimelb.edu.au

Judy-anne Osborn : Visualisation as a bridge between Research, Outreach and Teaching

Minh Canh Tran : Visualization helps to generate the  PELL Equation

Kurt Pudniks : Images that change

   Link to Kurt Pudnik's zipfiles of Flocking Boids animations

Elias Wegert : Exploring Complex Functions using Phase Plots


New Directions in Fractal Geometry Talks

Link to photo of New Directions attendees (note Kangaroo)

Christoph Bandt : Fractal Morphisms, Flows, and Scanning

Valerie Berthé : Fractals and Kronercker maps

Christian Gentil : A fractal modeller for Computer Aided Design

Jeff Geronimo : A separation condition for fractal attractors

Doug Hardin : Discrete minimum energy problems on rectifiable and fractal sets

Markus Hegland : Numerics and Fractals

Irmina Herburt : Fractal Star Bodies

Konstantin Igudesman : New Methods of simulating and constructing fractal antennas which are based on fractal interpolation vector-function

Jun Kigami : Self-similar Sets as Quotients of Shift Spaces

Michel Lapidus : Analysis on Fractals and Noncommutative Geometry - A Tale of Metrics and Geodesics

Krzysztof Leśniak : Disjunctive sequences, discontinuous systems and fast basins

Derek Robinson : Diffusion equations, fractal boundaries and Cantor dust

Michael Rose : Expectations over attractors of Iterated Function Systems

Károly Simon : Multifractal analysis of a process for modelling TCP traffic

Sascha Troscheit : The Assouad Dimension of Random Fractals

Pavel Troshin : On One 2-Valued Transformation, its Invariant Measure and Application to masked Dynamical Systems

Miroslav Rypka : Chaos game for general IFS

Jörg Thuswaldner : Topology of self-affine tiles

Andrew Vince : Global Addressing, Continuations, and the Fractal Manifold

Mike Whittaker : Fractal dual substitution tilings and applications

Rüdiger Zeller : Slices through four-dimensional fractals