Proceedings of the AMSI/AustMS 2014 Workshop in Harmonic Analysis and its Applications

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The AMSI/AustMS 2014 Workshop in Harmonic Analysis and its Applications was held at Macquarie University, Sydney, from 21 to 25 July 2014. The topics presented fell into three areas.

  • Harmonic Analysis, including singular integrals, holomorphic functional calculi, Carleson measures, and harmonic analysis on product spaces
  • Partial Differential Equations, including elliptic and parabolic systems, homogenization of elliptic equations, heat kernel estimates, eigenfunction expansions, and Strichartz estimates on manifolds
  • Applied Harmonic Analysis, including image visualization, prolate shifts and sampling

The Workshop brought together leading international and Australian researchers as well as early-career researchers and PhD students, in harmonic analysis and related areas, for the dissemination of the most recent developments in the field, and for discussions on future directions. We note with pleasure that the group of participants was quite diverse. Participants came from Australia, the US, China, Europe and New Zealand; about a quarter of the participants were women; and about a third were PhD students.

As organisers of the Workshop, we thank the participants and speakers, many of whom travelled long distances, for their contributions. We are grateful to the following organisations for their financial support of the Workshop, which made the event possible.

  • The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute
  • The Australian Mathematical Society
  • The Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences, University of South Australia
  • The Department of Mathematics, Macquarie University

We thank the staff of Robert Menzies College at Macquarie University for providing a comfortable venue for the Workshop. As editors of this volume, we thank the Centre for Mathematics and its Applications at the Australian National University for their help in preparing these proceedings. We warmly thank Christine Hale for her coordination of the practical aspects of the Workshop.

This volume contains the proceedings of the Workshop. Each article in this volume has been peer reviewed. We thank the authors for their excellent contributions, and the referees for their careful, insightful work and attention to detail.