Call for MSRVP and ECRVP proposals 2020

A call for proposals for academic visitors for the 2020 calendar year for two of our visitor programs, the longstanding Mathematical Sciences Research Visitor Program (MSRVP) and the NEW Early Career Research Visitor Program (ECRVP) has been open to MSI academic staff. 

The intention of the MSRVP is to bring distinguished mathematicians to MSI and to Australia, and to boost the scientific activity of MSI. The research of potential visitors should be of interest to a broader cross section of MSI than that of the proposer. In particular, such visitors should be able to give general talks including colloquia or public lectures.

The intention of the ECRVP is to bring extremely talented early career researchers, normally within the last year of PhD up to 5 years of PhD (although we can be a bit flexible with that), to MSI, to give talks, discuss mathematics with MSI staff with a view to starting collaborative projects, and experience the atmosphere of MSI. We are thinking of this as a way to encourage very high quality junior mathematicians to subsequently apply for positions at MSI, increasing the chance that we can hire the best people internationally. 

In selecting visitors, the MSRVP Committee places emphasis both on quality and on likely academic benefit to MSI. All members of academic staff (including non-continuing staff) are encouraged to consider developing proposals. We especially encourage people to put forward female mathematicians. 

Your proposal should include a short written statement of about one page supporting the nominated visitor along with an updated copy of the nominee's CV.

In your written statement, you should: 

  • * Provide evidence that the proposed visitor is distinguished (MSRVP) or is highly talented (ECRVP). 
  • * Explain what will be the benefit to MSI from the proposed visit, and how many MSI staff are likely to benefit
  • * Propose specific activities to be undertaken by the visitor (e.g. seminar(s), colloquium, public lecture, minicourse, outreach)
  • * Give a suggested time for the visit, and indicate level of enthusiasm on the part of the proposed visitor (e.g. by attaching an email from them). 

Please submit proposals to by Monday 2nd September 2019. We will also accept out of round applications but as it is a competitive process, in-round applications are preferred where possible. 

Please note that since we have gone to a biannual application round, the call for the next round (for visits S2 2020 + S1 2021) will go out in Feb 2020.