The course runs from 10am to 3pm each day for the 8 weekdays between 6th February to 15th February inclusive. You will also need to spend time studying outside of class time.

Lecture Style

The 8-day bridging course will comprise both traditional and interactive modes of delivery. In each day, you will have two lectures, each lasting 2 hours. Each lecture will proceed in the following steps

  1. Fast-paced content delivery in traditional manner (45 min)
  2. Answering students’ questions (15 minutes)
  3. Interactive Problem Solving (45 min)
  4. Quiz (15 min)

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Module Learning outcomes

Basic Algebra

To understand and apply fraction techniques, systems of linear equations and solution types, powers, indices, exponential and logarithmic growth and decay, absolute value function, inequalities, trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities, radians.
Functions and Relations To understand and apply domain and range, transformation of graphs, inverse function, even odd functions, composite functions, quadratic, cubic, polynomials, factor theorem, remainder theorem, long division, synthetic division, equation of circle, hyperbola, rational functions, inverse circular functions.
Differentiation To understand and apply differentiation by first principle, differentiation rule, product rule, quotient rule, chain rule, rates of change, equation of tangent, application of differentiation.
Integration To understand and apply Indefinite Integration, Integration by substitution, Integration by parts, Definite Integration, Area under Curve, Area between two curves, Application of Integration.


How to pass the bridging course

You will need to get a minimum of 50% in your quiz marks to pass the 8-day bridging course.