Bridging course

What are Maths Bridging Course Modules?

The Bridging Course modules have been specifically designed to cover the prerequisite knowledge required to undertake the following First-Year maths courses:

Who should enrol in the Bridging Course modules?

  • Students who are required to take one of the First-Year maths courses above as part of their degree program, but who do not have the prerequisite knowledge, are required to complete one or more of the bridging modules.
  • Students who have the prerequisites but would like a refresh their knowledge, are welcome to enrol in the bridging modules.

Diagnostic Test

Please note: It is mandatory for students to complete the diagnostic test prior to enrolling in any of the Bridging Modules.


Which Maths Bridging Module(s) should students take? 

A diagnostic test is available to help students determine which module(s) to undertake.

To take the diagnostic test please click the "Take the Diagnostic Test' button on the top right hand side of this page.


More Information

Further information about the ANU First-Year Maths Bridging Modules can be found here.

Maths Bridging Modules delivery and dates

There are 3 separate Bridging Modules that will run from early January to early-February 2023.

Each module will consist of two hours of lectures in the morning and a two-hour workshop in the afternoon.

All courses will be delivered online

  • Module 1 - designed to prepare students for MATH1003 – 4-13 January 2023

          This course is offered over 8 consecutive working days

  • Module 2 - designed to prepare students for MATH1013 – 16 January - 27 January 2023

          This course is offered over 9 consecutive working days

  • Module 3 - designed to prepare students for MATH1115 – 30 January - 9 February 2023

          This course is offered over 9 consecutive working days          

It is not recommended that students enrol in all 3 modules unless they feel they would benefit from completing Module 1 as revision.