MATH3349 - Special Topics in Mathematics

Semester 1


Fourier Analysis


Prerequisite: Analysis 1.  This class is not intended for students who have already taken Functional Analysis


Interactive Theorem Proving


Prerequisites: HD in MATH1116, MATH2322, COMP 1140, plus access to a computer with Lean


Nonlinear Hyperbolic PDEs

Q Wang


Linear Lie groups and Lie algebras



Equivariant Stable Homotopy Theory


prerequisite: algebraic topology 


Ergodic Theory



Semester 2


Introduction to symplectic geometry and symplectic topology

Bryan Wang

Prerequisite:  Advanced Differential Geometry (MATH3342).


Yang-Mills theory on Riemann surface

Bryan Wang

Prerequisite:  Advanced Differential Geometry (MATH3342).


Nonsmooth optimisation

Qinian Jin

Prerequisite: Advanced Mathematics and Applications 2 (MATH1116)


Spatial Point Patterns

Kate Turner

Prerequisite: Probability Modelling with Applications (MATH3029)


Topics in Algebra will be Classical Algebraic Geometry

Anand Deopurkar