Australian signals directorate summer research scholarship project

ASD is an intelligence and information security agency in the Department of Defence. ASD provides cyber and information security technology and advice to all levels of government within Australia as well as foreign signals intelligence to the Australian Defence Force and wider government. ASD's mission is to: "Reveal their secrets, protect our own".
ASD employs mathematicians to solve cryptologic problems using advanced mathematics and provide advice on information security techniques based on mathematical principles.
ASD is pleased to partner with the Mathematical Sciences Institute at ANU to sponsor two Summer Research Scholarships in an area of number theory, cryptography or statistics. The ASD scholorship will provide $4000 to cover travel and accommodation expenses as well as a stipend. Please note on your application form if you are interested in only a proper subset of the above three topics so that we can customise the topic for the successful applicants. The project will include a component of computational techniques and/or algorithm design. In addition to the ANU requirement that you write a short paper describing your work, you would be given the opportunity to deliver a short presentation about your work to ASD and ANU staff.
Note: This particular scholarship is open only to applicants with Australian citizenship.