Burning the biomass to sequester carbon dioxide

The burning of forests, woodlands, grasslands, and crops increases the carbon dioxide load of the atmosphere, right? Wrong.

Our recent research on the fundamental physics and chemistry of cellulose combustion has provided a firm basis for a new idea: that programs of carefully managed biomass burning can actually sequester carbon dioxide stably. This is a counterintuitive notion, and no doubt will stir up controversy with all kinds of opinionated greenhouse bandwagoners and enviro-stasi, but the fundamental science behind it is sound, and in fact has been known for decades.

Your job will be to show, through modelling, simulations, and experiments, that it can - and should - be done; and, if you are a gregarious type who thrives on publicity, argue, debate, and explain your results on science shows, as well as publish them in scientific journals. Intrigued?