Energy transfer in biomolecules & molecular motors

How vested interests and misuse of power determine a science, and how to change that.

If you are interested in bioenergetics and molecular motors take a look at the work of Colin McClare, Nature 240, 88, 1972, and relevant forward and antecedent references, on muscle contraction. McClare and his work were vilified and trashed at the time by some influential members of the British scientific establishment, and he took his own life in 1977. His critics were completely wrong in my opinion. By their spurious arguments your knees would cool down as you walk up the stairs, and would approach absolute zero if the staircase were infinite. I do not know if McClare was completely right, but his work would be a good starting point for an interesting and fruitful project.

I would also suggest searching the engineering literature for work related to motions and energy transduction through long freight trains, this is similar to the biopolymer problem. Apparently very long freight trains sometimes break into two or three pieces due to a growing instability propagating through the couplings. It would be useful to visit the rail operation at Bluff in Queensland, where coal trains of hundreds of wagons are assembled, and chat to the rail engineers there.