The Ninth Pacific Rim Conference in Mathematics Darwin

The Ninth Pacific Rim Conference in Mathematics (PRCM), hosted by the Mathematical Sciences Institute (MSI), Australian National University (ANU), at the Darwin Convention Centre, is a broad mathematical event that covers a range of exciting research in contemporary mathematics. 

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bob dewar

Vale Professor Bob Dewar

MSI pays tribute to Em/Prof. Robert (Bob) Leith Dewar.

Rowena Ball

Maths has no borders

Professor Rowena Ball brings Indigenous maths to ANU

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Pierre Portal - Why mathematicians love blackboards

Why do mathematicians love blackboards?

Associate Professor Pierre Portal explains why this old-fashioned piece of technology is still so special to mathematicians.

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Rowena Bell
Monday, 08 Apr 2024
bob dewar
Monday, 08 Apr 2024

MSI pays tribute to Em/Prof. Robert (Bob) Leith Dewar.

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Flying high: from circus school to a maths degree
Tuesday, 12 Dec 2023

It’s not a massive leap to go from circus performer to mathematics graduate, says Grover Lancaster-Cole, from the ANU Mathematical Sciences Institute.

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Portrait of a man standing inside a building

Why maths’ bad reputation doesn’t add up

Associate Professor Adam Piggott knows how mathematical ideas can transform our world, and he wishes more people were in on the secret.
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Exploring the mathematical universe – connections, contradictions, and kale

Exploring the mathematical universe – connections, contradictions, and kale

Pure mathematics often yields unanticipated applications, but without a time machine to look into the future, how do mathematicians like me choose…
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Cracked Earth showing lava underneath it

ANU researchers speed up earthquake simulation software

“Faster, more efficient software,” “speedups and code profiling,” and “parallel programming” – these were the central takeaways from the two-week…
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MSI Colloquium
18 Apr 2024 | 4 - 5pm

Algorithms for 3-manifold homeomorphism

MSI Colloquium, where the school comes together for afternoon tea before one speaker gives an accessible talk on their subject

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MSI Graduate Student Colloquium Series
19 Apr 2023 | 3pm - 19 Apr 2024 | 4pm

MSI Graduate Student Colloquium

Interested in meeting your fellow graduate students and learning about their research? We are restarting for 2024 the informal colloquium for graduate HDR students to share interesting topics they’ve come across during their studies.
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Algebra and Topology
23 Apr 2024 | 3 - 4pm