Becoming a demonstrator

What is involved

The structure of the workshops depend somewhat on the particular course, but some general guidelines are listed below:

  • Applicants should check the semester timetable to ensure they will be available during teaching periods. Honours and PhD students are expected to demostrate two workshops per week. Third year students, and other students with heavy course loads, are expected to demonstrate one session per week.
  • If a workshop demonstrator is going to be absent from campus for more than one week during semester, it is their responsibility to find a replacement tutor. The lecturer and the workshop coordinator should be notified as soon as possible.
  • Workshop demonstrators are expected to attend regular tutor-lecturer meetings. These are not optional. At the beginning of the semester the lecturer will organise a meeting to discuss the structure of the workshops for each course - do not make changes to the workshop structure. All workshops must be run in a consistent manner - feedback is welcome, but changes need to be implemented across all workshops if approved.
  • Lecturers will attend at least one workshop session for each demonstrator. The lecturer will offer guidance and accept feedback regarding the structure of the workshop.
  • Workshop demonstrators must regularly check Wattle in order to keep up-to-date regarding all course information.
  • Workshop demonstrators must maintain records of student grades they have assigned to students. These grades will be uploaded and collated on Wattle.
  • Workshop demonstrators should notify lecturers of students who appear to be having difficulties in workshops.
  • Workshop demonstrators are paid based on the ANU academic sessional rates.
  • Effective from 15 March 2021, all casual staff who are receive a new casual contract will undergo a range of background checks, prior to an offer of employment being issued and relative to the Background Checking Procedure. Fact sheet can be viewed here .

Words of wisdom from previous workshop demonstrators:

  • Be aware that the students will assume that the workshop demonstrators know everything about the course, including course administration procedures.
  • Students may not be up-to-date with lectures, so don't assume they know the material. Workshop demonstrators need to be aware of the lecture content in order to prompt discussion.

Workshop demostrators applying in 2024

MSI will organise a short workshop for new workshop demonstrators. New workshop demonstrators also required to complete the online modules 'Supporting Our Students', 'Thinking About Teaching Maths' and 'Skills for Tutoring in Maths'.

Who should apply

Priority is given to mathematics Honours and PhD students. Workshop demonstrators will be assigned to specific courses based on their background and enrolment numbers.

If positions are available we will also consider other people with a strong mathematics background, such as graduates with a degree in mathematics. Third year students, who have done at least one second year mathematics course, may be considered if positions are available. Second year students are not offered workshop demonstrator positions, although there may be opportunities to work in the drop-in centre.

How to apply

To apply to be a workshop demonstrator, click the ‘Apply now’ button at the right-hand top of the page. For full consideration, you will need to apply before the semester deadline. Late applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

If an applicant is no longer available to accept a workshop demonstrator position they must notify the workshop convenor as soon as possible.

When applying you will need to:

  • Upload a short CV and a copy of your academic transcript.

If applicable, you should also

  • Upload evidence of good teaching practices (e.g. Student Experience of Learning & Teaching (SELT) evaluations).
  • Upload evidence that you have completed the tutor training modules and/or have achieved Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

Please note that if you are appointed as an MSI workshop demonstrator, but you have not completed the training modules, then you will be required to do them while you are facilitating the workshops.


Because student numbers are not known in advance, we cannot confirm workshop demonstrator positions until the beginning of the second week of semester.


Semester 2, 2024 Deadline:  Sunday 30 June 2024