Work Health and Safety (WHS)

The Mathematical Sciences Institute (MSI) is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace environment for their staff, students and visitors.

In case of an emergency

In the event of a life threatening emergency contact Police/Ambulance/Fire on 0-000. 

Please be sure to dial the first 0 to make calls external to the University.

If safe to do so, note and report the incident to ANU security on 6125 2249, an emergency warden or your supervisor.

An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is located on level 1 of Hanna Neumann Bldg #145 (For further advice with regard to location of AEDs on campus please see the map at this link Campus AED Locations.)

The Emergency flip chart provides a quick reference guide to effective action in the event of an emergency. (Please note that the alarms in the HN Bldg are designed to go to immediate evacuation alarm)

In case of fire

  • Do not use the lifts
  • Use the fire stairs only (do not use the main, open stairs in the HN Bldg)
  • Feel doors for heat before you open them - if hot, do not open
  • Close doors behind you, but do not lock them
  • Always follow the instructions of the emergency wardens
  • Take your personal possessions such as wallets, keys, mobile devices and handbags with you
  • Make your way to the designated evacuation assembly point and wait for further instructions
    • Assembly Point is is grassy area between the Hancock Library and the HN Bldg
  • Be aware of the layout of the floor the location of all exits points, fire fighting equipment and red phones. This information is located in each level. Be aware of all procedures - further information can be found at the Fire Safety page of the ANU Facilities & Services Division.

If medical attention is required

  • In an emergency where urgent medical attention is necessary always call an Ambulance - call 000
  • Cost/payment of Ambulance can be discussed at a later date
  • Staff should not drive colleagues to the hospital
  • Individual’s emergency contact should be contacted in any event where emergency services are not required.


Please refer to the building protocols for COVID-19 below.


MSI is part of the joint Science General WHS Committee. This Committee is scheduled to convene four times a year. Qinian Jin and Mandy Gordon represent the MSI. WHS Governance Framework, agendas and minutes are available via the MSI intranet. Cecilia Zhang and Joshua Robinson are the MSI Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) and represent the interests of staff and contribute to WHS matters.

Health and Safety Representative

Building custodians

Fire wardens

First Aid Officers

Report an incident

ANU staff have a duty of care to ensure that all injuries or near misses are reported.

To report an incident, hazard or near miss:

  1. Log in to Figtree 
    (or a Quick Link is available in HORUS)
  2. Complete an incident, hazard or near miss notification.

ANU OK app

The University has launched a free app to help students and staff remain safe on campus.

It provides quick and easy access to security and essential services in case of an emergency.

ANU OK is available for free download:

ANU OK app

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