Work Health and Safety (WHS)

The Mathematical Sciences Institute (MSI) is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace environment for their staff, students and visitors.

MSI is part of the joint Science General WHS Committee. This Committee is scheduled to convene four times a year. Dr Jim Borger and Mandy Gordon represent the MSI. WHS Governance Framework, agendas and minutes are available via the MSI intranet. Kelly Wicks is the MSI Health and Safety Representative (HSR) and represents the interests of staff and contributes to WHS matters.


For life threating emergencies first call 000 (0-000 from ANU internal phones) and then ANU Security on extension 52249 (02 6125 2249).

Building custodians

  • Andrew Chew, IT & Operations Manager
  • Mandy Gordon, School Manager

Fire wardens

  • Andrew Chew (Chief Warden)
  • Mandy Gordon (Deputy Warden)
  • Clare Cousins
  • Conrad Burden
  • Francis Hui
  • Kelly Wicks
  • Linda Stals
  • Matthew Hole
  • Michelle Cowie
  • Yossi Bokor

First Aid Officers

  • Macarena Rojas
  • Paul Wedrich
  • Yossi Bokor

Health & Safety Representatives

  • Andrew Chew
  • Kelly Wicks