First year streams

Many disciplines have mathematical prerequisites, such as the physical sciences, the theoretical aspects of computer science, statistics and mathematical economics. Other disciplines such as biology and finance rely increasingly on sophisticated mathematical models. The more mathematics students can do in their first year, the broader the range of options they will have in later years.

First year mathematics courses are arranged into streams. Students interested in any of the disciplines above should enrol in the Advanced or Honours pathway stream if possible.

Actuarial studies & statistics

This stream is designed for students who wish to develop analytical skills which will form a foundation for further study in the quantitative areas of actuarial studies and statistics. This course provides a study of the fundamental concepts of calculus and linear algebra.


This stream is designed for students who want an introduction to a wide range of later year courses in mathematics. These courses form the basic sequence of mathematics applicable to other disciplines, in particular to physical sciences, computer science, statistics and economics.

Honours pathway

This stream is designed for students who intend doing advanced work in mathematics or in other mathematically based disciplines, such as physics or statistics, or in more quantitative areas of other sciences, engineering or economics. They will appeal to students who are interested in why things are true, not simply in what is true. These courses are of a more advanced nature and are the first step towards participating in the Honours program in mathematics.


This stream is designed for students whose main area of study is in the application of mathematics to areas such as: social sciences, physical sciences (such as biological or environmental), computational science or economics. Extensive use will be made of computer packages and the emphasis will be on the applicability of mathematics for solving interesting problems.