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CMA proceedings

The Mathematical Sciences Institute regularly publishes symposia proceedings, surveys and monographs in the series Proceedings of the CMA. Volumes are available to download for free.

Note: There are two further volumes that are only available from World Scientific Publishing.

  • Yang-Baxter Equations, Conformal Invariance and Integrability in Statistical Mechanics and Field Theory, edited by Michael Barber and Paul Pearce, 1989
  • Miniconference on Chaos and Order, edited by Nalini Joshi and R.L. Dewar, 1990
Research symposia Date
Gromov-Witten Theory, Gauge Theory and Dualities, ANU/Kioloa, 6-16 January 2016 Apr 2019
Proceedings of the AMSI/AustMS 2014 Workshop in Harmonic Analysis and its Applications Jul 2014
Proceedings of the 2014 Maui and 2015 Qinhuangdao conferences in honour of Vaughan F.R. Jones’ 60th birthday Jul 2014
A Chinese-English Mathematics Primer Aug 2013
AMSI International Conference on Harmonic Analysis and Applications Feb 2011
Japanese-Australian workshop on real & complex singularities Sep 2009
AMSI-ANU workshop on spectral theory & harmonic analysis Jul 2009
CMA-AMSI symposium on asymptotic geometric analysis, harmonic analysis Feb 2006
International conference on harmonic analysis Jan 2002
Surveys in analysis & operator theory Jul 2001
National research symposium on geometric analysis & applications Jun 2000
NEMACOM - New Methods in Applied and Computational Mathematics Workshop Jul 1998
National Symposium on Functional Analysis, Optimization and Applications Mar 1998
Joint Australian-Taiwanese Workshop on Analysis and Applications Mar 1997
Lectures on Minimal Surfaces in R3 Apr 1996
Instruction on Workshop on Analysis and Geometry Part 1 Jan 1995
Instruction on Workshop on Analysis and Geometry Part 2 Jan 1995
Instruction on Workshop on Analysis and Geometry Part 3 Jan 1995
Miniconferences on Analysis and Applications Sep 1993
Meschach: Matrix Computations in C Jan 1993
Miniconference on Probability and Analysis Jul 1991
Workshop on Design of Longitudinal Studies and Analysis of Repeated Measures Data Jul 1991
On Uniqueness in the Large of Solutions of Einsteins Equations (Strong Cosmic Censorship) Jan 1991
Theoretical and Numerical Aspects of Geometric Variational Problems Sep 1990
Mini Conference on Inverse Problems in Partial Differential Equations Aug 1990
Mini-Conference on Free and Moving Boundary and Diffusion Problems Jun 1990
IGBP Workshop 13 on Mathematical and Statistical Modelling of Global Change Processes Apr 1990
Miniconference on Operators in Analysis Sep 1989
Miniconference on Geometry and Physics Feb 1989
Conference on Automatic Continuity and Banach Jan 1989
Workshop/Miniconference on Functional Analysis/Optimization Aug 1988
Integration Structures Aug 1988
Conference on Mathematical Relativity Jul 1988
Miniconference on Harmonic Analysis and Operator Algebras Aug 1987
Miniconference on Harmonic Analysis Jun 1987
Spectral perturbation and Approximation with numerical experiements Jan 1987
Miniconference on Operator Theory and Partial Differential Equations Sep 1986
Miniconference on Geometry/Partial Differential Equations, 2 Jun 1986
Special Program on Inverse Problems Jun 1986
Workshop on Inverse Problems Feb 1986
Miniconference on Geometry and Partial Differential Equations Aug 1985
Miniconference on Linear Analysis and Functional Spaces Oct 1984
Miniconference on nonlinear analysis Jul 1984
Contributions of Mathematical Analysis to the Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations Feb 1984
Harmonic Mapping between Riemannian Manifolds Jan 1984
Mathematical Programming and Numerical Analysis Workshop Dec 1983
Miniconference on Operator Theory and Partial Differential Equations Jul 1983
Lectures on Geometric Measure Theory Jan 1983
Miniconference on Partial Differential Equations Jul 1982
Basic Theory of One-Parameter Semigroups Jul 1982