CMA-AMSI symposium on asymptotic geometric analysis, harmonic analysis

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This volume contains the proceedings of the CMA-AMSI research symposium on Asymptotic Geometric Analysis, Harmonic Analysis and Related Topics, organized by Andrew Hassell, Alan McIntosh, Shahar Mendelson, Pierre Portal, and Fyodor Sukochev at Murramarang (NSW) in February 2006. The meeting was sponsored by the Centre for Mathematics and its Applications (Australian National University) and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute whose support is gratefully acknowledged.

The Symposium covered a variety of topics in functional, geometric, and harmonic analysis, and brought together experts, early career researchers, and doctoral students from Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, and the USA. It is our hope that this volume reflects the lively research atmosphere of this conference, and we are glad to open it with a result of Ian Doust, Florence Lancien, and Gilles Lancien, which was essentially discovered during the symposium.

We also wish to express our appreciation to the participants, the authors who contributed to this volume, and the CMA support staff (Chris Wetherell and Annette Hugues) who made this symposium what it was.

Each article in this volume was peer refereed.