Event series

Individual research programs hold weekly seminars for students and the public and each Thursday afternoon a distinguished academic presents his or her research via our colloquia events.

Algebra and Topology Seminar »

These seminars invite speakers from a broad spectrum of areas, including algebraic and differential geometry, algebraic topology, low-dimensional topology, representation theory, quantum algebra, and number theory.

AMSI Access Grid Seminar »

The Access Grid Network was established by AMSI/ICE-EM to enable greater collaboration between the mathematical sciences community both within Australia and internationally.

AMSI Summer School »

We welcomes masters, honours and postgraduate students from around Australia to the 12th Annual Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) Summer School.

Applied Statistics Seminar »

Applied Stats seminar covers a broad range of topics from Pure/Applied Statistics. All who are interested in Statistics welcome.

Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry Working Seminar »

This is an informal seminar on arithmetic algebraic geometry and related fields.

Canberra Mathematics Enrichment programme »

The Canberra Mathematics Enrichment programme consists of enrichment sessions, and the option of participating in the International Tournament of Towns.

Computational Mathematics Seminar »

The Computational Mathematics Seminar presents talks on the development of computational algorithms including their implementation issues and theoretical aspects.

Differential Geometry Seminar »

This is a weekly research seminar.  Anyone with research interests in differential geometry is welcome to speak. 

Differential Geometry Working Seminar »

This is a weekly working seminar on topics related to the research interests of Mike Eastwood's group. 

Fractal Geometry Seminar »

The Fractal Geometry Seminar's is a series of seminars hosted by Michael Barnsley, on emerging hot topics in fractal geometry. 

Friends & alumni program »

These lectures will present concepts easily understood by all scientifically interested individuals, and are a great opportunity to meet some of our MSI academics in an informal environment over drinks and nibbles.

Fully nonlinear elliptic PDE seminar »

This a reading seminar. We will report the regularity theory for fully nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations based on the book by Caffarelli and Cabre. 

Geometric analysis seminar  »

Each week we will discuss a research problem in the field of geometric analysis.

Geometry of differential equations »

Geometry of differential equations explores parabolic differential geometry (PDE).

Graduate Seminar »

Each week we welcome a graduate student to present a talk to a general audience of his/her peers.

Homological Algebra Reading Group »

This series of events will explore topics on homological algebra.

Informal Number Theory Seminar »

Informal Number Theory Seminar

Informal Probability Seminar »

This on-going research seminar series brings together colleagues interested in probability, stochastic processes, and their applications to discuss new results and works in progress in an informal and friendly setting.

Mathematical Physics program »

These seminars will cover a broad spectrum of Mathematical Physics topics.

Mathematics across disciplines »

"Mathematics across Disciplines" is an initiative to bring together people at ANU who apply mathematics.

Mathematics and physics on the borderline »

Mathematics and physics on the borderline between algebraic and differenetial geometry.

MSI Colloquium 2013 »

Each Thursday afternoon a distinguished academic presents his or her research via our colloquia events.

MSI Colloquium 2015 »

Each Thursday afternoon a distinguished academic presents his or her research via our colloquia events.

MSI Colloquium 2016 »

Each Thursday afternoon a distinguished academic presents his or her research via our colloquia events.

MSI Colloquium 2017 »

Each Thursday afternoon a distinguished academic presents his or her research via our colloquia events.

MSI Colloquium 2018 »

Each Thursday afternoon a distinguished academic presents his or her research via our colloquia events.

MSI Honours Seminar Series »

MSI Honours Students will give two seminar talks during the course of the program.

MSI Undergraduate Colloquium 2018 »

On selected dates, a distinguished academic presents their research to our undergraduate students.

One day seminar series 1 »

These talks will be quite general, aimed at illustrating the wide range of real-world applications which involves some inverse problem aspect.

One day seminar series 2 »

These talks will focus on applications where there is an underlying mathematical model to be solved.

One day seminar series 3 »

These talks will consider the theoretical infrastructure that has been developed to underpin the theory and application of inverse problems.

One day seminar series 4 »

These talks will focus on statistics, probability and finance.

Partial Differential Equations and Analysis Seminar »

The partial differential equations and analysis seminar is the research seminar associated with the applied and nonlinear analysis, and the analysis and geometry programs.

Quantum mathematics meeting »

In this series we will discuss quantum mathematics.

Special year 2012: Inverse problems »

The special year is intended to expose researchers and students to the whole spectrum of activity and create opportunities for collaborative work on inverse problems.

Special year 2013: Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations »

In this special year we will be addressing recent developments in the theory and applications of nonlinear partial differential equations arising in geometry, physics and other applied areas.

Special year 2014: Stochastics and Statistics »

In this Special Year, we will focus on the areas of probability, stochastic processes, and statistics.

Special year 2015: Geometry and Physics »

The purpose of this special year is to bring together researchers working in the area of geometry and physics.

Special year 2016: Algebra and Topology »

The 2016 special year will promote the areas of algebra and topology in Australia and aim to bring together leading researchers from around the world.

Special year 2017: Geometric analysis and nonlinear PDE »

This special year’s activities will focus on fully nonlinear elliptic and parabolic PDE arising in geometry and elsewhere.

Special year 2018: Analysis »

The special year 2018 will bring together experts in a range of areas of mathematical analysis (inc. harmonic, spectral, microlocal, geometric, stochastic).

Special year 2019: Computational Mathematics »

This series of events will explore the mathematical connections between different areas of computational mathematics as well as the connections to computer science, statistics, pure mathematics and application domains.

Summer Research Scholar Program »

The summer research program at MSI is an exceptional research opportunity for undergraduate students.

The ANU Mathematics Society »

The ANU Mathematics Society (ANUMS) is an association for maths students, and anyone with an interest in mathematics.

Transport, flows & applications »

A one day research-oriented workshop on the themes of the Brisbane Graduate Winter School: geometric pde, and particularly harmonic maps, optimal transport, and curvature flows.

Workshop in Harmonic Analysis and Geometry »

This is a regular meeting of ANU researchers and visitors interested in the harmonic analysis of differential operators and its relationship with the geometry of an underlying metric measure space.