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Week starting Monday 15 August 2022

2pm 15 August - MSI Colloquium 2022

Start time: 2pm 15 August
Location: Seminar Room 1.33, Building 145, Science Road, ANU
Presenter(s): Hong Wang, UCLA


Given a fractal set E on the plane and a set F of directions, can we find one direction L in F such that the orthogonal projection of E along L is large?  We will survey some classical and modern projection theorems and discuss their relation to problems in Fourier analysis.  We will also discuss some joint work with Shmerkin, and joint work with Gan, Guth, Guo, Harris, and Maldague. 


Hong Wang is currently an Assistant Professor at UCLA. She obtained her PhD in 2019 from MIT under the supervision of Larry Guth. Her work improved our understanding of incidence geometry and geometric measure theory, which in turn have deep implications in harmonic analysis and partial differential equations. She had done ground-breaking work with her collaborators which settled the local smoothing conjecture for wave equations in 2+1 dimensions, set the best current record for the Fourier restriction conjecture in 3 dimensions, and proved several best current results towards the Falconer distance conjecture. She was awarded the Maryam Mirzakhani New Frontiers Prize in 2022 for her stellar achievements.

4pm 16 August - Mathematics and Computational Sciences Seminar

Start time: 4pm 16 August
Location: Seminar Room 1.33 Hanna Neumann Building #145 Science Road The Australian National University Canberra ACT 2600 
Presenter(s): Giuseppe Barca, ANU




I am a Lecturer of High-Performance Computing (HPC) in the School of Computing at the Australian National University (ANU). 

I hold a leadership role in large multi-institutional partnerships encompassing world-leading Australian and US universities, supercomputing facilities, and IT corporations. I am the leader of one of the Pawsey Centre for Extreme-scale Computing (PaCER) projects, a partner investigator for one of the Australasian Leadership Computing Grant, and the lead of GPU development for the GAMESS Exascale Computing Project.

In 2020 and 2021, using my algorithms on the fastest supercomputer on the planet, I broke the world record for the largest computational-driven chemical modellings of material structure, setting new standards in High-Performance Computing, and enabling the design of ground-breaking materials, catalysts, and drugs.

More information can be found on my group website.

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Topic: Mathematics and Computational Sciences Seminar Series 
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4pm 18 August - MSI Colloquium 2022

Start time: 4pm 18 August
Location: Seminar Room 1.33, Building 145, Science Road, ANU  
Title: Isaac Klapper
Presenter(s): Isaac Klapper, Temple University




Isaac Klapper is interested mathematical applications in the physical and biological sciences, particularly those with connections to fluid dynamics. While he has worked with mathematical problems arising in solar magnetohydrodynamics, especially some related to dynamo activity, his current focus is on study of mixed physical and ecological issues in microbial communities such as biofilms and microbial mats.