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Projects Groups Supervisor(s)
'Magnitude-based Inference' Statistical science
Adaptive sparse grids Computational mathematics
Advanced computational techniques Computational mathematics
Algebraic geometry of chiral Potts mode Algebra & topology
Algebraic topology Algebra & topology
Alignment-free biological sequence comparison Bioinformation science
Analytic functions Analysis & geometry
Australian Signals Directorate Summer Research Scholarships Algebra & topology
Bioinformatics Bioinformation science
Burning the biomass to sequester carbon dioxide Mathematical physics
Chaos to structure in turbulent plasma & planetary flows Mathematical physics
Circularly polarised radiation in early proto-planetary systems Theoretical astrophysics
Clustering techniques Computational mathematics
Compact binary stars Theoretical astrophysics
Complex cobordism & stable homotopy Algebra & topology
Composite Likelihood Statistical science
Computational applications of Multiple Region relaXed MHD (MRxMHD) Computational mathematics
Computational problems Analysis & geometry
Computing Gromov-Witten invariants using tropical techniques Algebra & topology
Cox proportional hazards model Statistical science
Crystallographic groups Algebra & topology
Curve shortening flow Applied & nonlinear analysis
Diagnostics for linear models with Gaussian process random effects Statistical science
Differential forms & de Rham cohomology Algebra & topology
Differential topology Algebra & topology