Algebra & topology

The Algebra & Topology research program explores the areas of:

  • Algebraic geometry (moduli spaces, motives, arithmetic aspects especially involving Witt vectors, classical invariant theory, Gromov-Witten invariants)
  • Representation theory (geometric representation theory, categorification, tensor categories)
  • Algebraic topology
  • K-theory
  • Analytic number theory
  • Operator algebras
  • Low-dimensional and symplectic topology
  • Homological algebra (derived and triangulated categories, Grothendieck duality)

The Algebra & Topology group holds a regular seminar on Tuesdays at 4pm, in G35, the seminar room in the John Dedman building. We typically take the speaker out to lunch or dinner on the day of the seminar; students in particular are welcome to join us. (There is also a Google calendar which often contains information about the seminar series further into the future than the MSI calendar)

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