MATH 3349, MATH 4349, MATH 6209 - Special Topics in Mathematics

Maths Special Topics Class meeting Semester 1, 2024

Date: Monday, 19 February 2024 
Time: 10am Canberra
Venue: Seminar room - 1.33, HN building #145

Semester 1, 2024 - Topics classes

  • Symplectic reductions and applications ( Reading class) - Bryan Wang.

  • Smooth manifolds and differential forms - Brett Parker.
    (Prerequisites: The course is suitable for students who achieved a high distinction in both Analysis 1 and Algebra 1, or students who have passed either Algebraic Topology, or Differential Geometry.)

  • Stable homotopy theory - Vigleik Angeltveit.
    (Prerequisites: high mark in Algebraic Topology, plus permission of the lecturer) 

  • Mathematical finance from practice to theory -  Pierre Portal
    (High prerequisites; contact Pierre directly to ask for permission.)


MATH4201/8201: Topics in Computational Mathematics

Inverse Problems (Prerequisite: MATH2320; MATH2306 or an HD in MATH2305; HD in at least one of MATH3029/3320/3325/3501/3511/3512/3514)


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