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Visitors program

As part of our efforts to develop and enhance international collaborative networks, MSI has established two categories of visitor schemes:

Competitive visitor programs

Visitors under these flagship programs are selected by means of a competitive process whereby visiting academics can receive funding for travel and accommodation support if planning to visit for extended periods. Recipients are nominated by internal academic staff and will be notified if successful.

If you are interested in participating in any of these programs, please contact admin.research.msi@anu.edu.au for more information.

Non competitive visitor programs

  • MSI National Seminar Series (NSS)
  • MSI Visiting Fellow Program (MSI VF)

Facilities/resources available for visitors

  • Access to office space (as available)
  • Access to the Hancock Library can be arranged
  • Email and internet access.

All visitors are encouraged to bring their own laptop computers to continue their research and writing while in residence.


For further up to date information, including eligibility to enter Australia, please visit https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/coming-australia.

MSI Visitor table

See our MSI Visitor Table to learn about the different types of visitors and its requirements.  

Visitors information

See our general information for visitors page to learn more facilities and services at ANU and in Canberra.