Mathematics is the study of universal patterns and structures and is the quantitative language of the world. It underpins information technology, computer science, engineering, and the physical sciences; and it plays an increasingly important role in the biological and medical sciences, economics, finance, environmental science, sociology and psychology.

We provide a unique opportunity within Australia to study mathematics.

  • We offer small class sizes when compared to other top Australian universities.
  • We offer student access to some of the best mathematicians in Australia.
  • We offer a full suite of courses supporting the quantitative needs of many areas.
  • We offer a stream of advanced courses from first year through to honours year open to anyone with the appropriate prerequisites.
Mathematics at ANU

By 2020 it is estimated up to 70 per cent of all job categories are likely to change, 35 per cent will disappear and be replaced by jobs that do not currently exist. Employers are more likely to hire someone with a good background in mathematics.

Ross Gittins, Economic Editor, Sydney Morning Herald