Summer research program

The Summer Research program is supported by full scholarships and is aimed at undergraduate or honours students thinking about pursuing honours or graduate research in the future. These scholarships are open to those currently enrolled as fulltime university students in Australia or New Zealand.

  • Mark Bugden - Summer Research Scholar
  • Matthew Calvin - Summer Research Scholar
  • Yusheng Luo - Summer Research Scholar

Potential projects

We have developed some summer research projects to give students an idea of what is possible, but the list is not exhaustive. Use the contact details above to enquire further about research project options with us.
Project name Research group Supervisor contact
Algebraic topology Algebra & topology
Australian signals directorate summer research scholarship project Algebra & topology
Composite Likelihood Statistical science
Computing Gromov-Witten invariants using tropical techniques Algebra & topology
Curve shortening flow Applied & nonlinear analysis
Eigenfunction concentration Analysis & geometry
Eigenvalues of the Laplacian on Riemannian manifolds Applied & nonlinear analysis
Enriched monoidal categories Algebra & topology
Gromov-Witten invariants and mirror symmetry Analysis & geometry
Interactive and automated theorem proving Algebra & topology
Joint species distributions models in ecological statistics Statistical science
LASSO asymptotics Statistical science
Minimal surfaces in the sphere Applied & nonlinear analysis
Noncommutative geometry & physic Analysis & geometry
Reduction Rank Regression Statistical science
Scattering theory Analysis & geometry
Sensitivity Analysis of environmental models Computational mathematics
Small Area estimation Statistical science
The Monge mass transportation problem Applied & nonlinear analysis
Using methods from algebraic geometry to develop numerical approximations Computational mathematics
Variational approximations for mixed models Statistical science
Wave diffraction Analysis & geometry