Mathematical Programming and Numerical Analysis Workshop

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Volume: 6
Venue: Australian National University

Mathematicians from Australia and New Zealand attended a workshop on mathematical programming and numerical analysis at the Australian National University from December 6th to 8th 1983. This volume contains a complete list of the papers presented at the workshop and texts of the numerical analysis papers.

The workshop was sponsored by the Mathematical Sciences Research Centre at the Australian National University and the Centre for Mathematical Analysis. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the speakers, in particular the invited speakers J. Blake, G. Chandler, B. Craven, B. Murtagh, D. Ryan and I. Sloan. The excellent typing and good humour of Marilyn Gray and Dorothy Nash are also gratefully acknowledged.


S.-Å. Gustafson and R.S. Womersley


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1 On the numerical performance of spectral methods
R.S. Anderssen
2 Solution of dense systems of linear equations using a fixed size systolic array
A.W. Bojanczyk
3 The solution of singular-value and eigenvalue problems on systolic arrays
R.P. Brent and F.T. Luk
4 The motion of a wetting front for a Green-AMPT model of infiltration into a cracked soil
M.R. Davidson
5 The role of conditioning in the numerical solution of boundary value problems
F.R. de Hoog
6 On the determination of the electrical conductivity of the earth's interior from geomagnetic data
S.-Å. Gustafson
7 Numerical methods for inverse eigenvalue problems in algebraic control theory
L.J. Kautsky, N.K. Nichols and P. Van Dooren
8 Collocation methods for second kind Fredholm integral equations
S. Joe
9 Numerical modelling of solidification
A.D. Miller
10 Lattices for multiple integration
I.H. Sloan and P. Kachoyan
11 Boundary integral methods applied to cavitation bubble dynamics
B. Taib, G. Doherty and J.R. Blake
12 Mathematical methods for the seismic inversion problem
S.J. Wright
13 Numerical analysis of the boundary integral method
G.A. Chandler

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First published in Australia 1984

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The Australian National University

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Edited by: Anthony Miller

Mathematical Programming and Numerical Analysis Workshop
Workshop 6 – 8 December 1983

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