Miniconference on Harmonic Analysis and Operator Algebras


This volume contains the proceedings of the conferences held in the second half of the Special Year in Harmonic Analysis and Operator Algebras at the Centre for Mathematical Analysis in 1987.  There were in fact two conferences, the first held in August and the second somewhat smaller gathering in December.  There was a wide variety of participants from many different countries and areas of the subject.  Papers ranged from classical Fourier analysis in one and several variables through the theory of representations on abstract as well as Lie groups to the K-theory of C*-algebras.

In addition to these intensive sessions there were regular seminars and informal discussions.

The editors would like to thank the Centre for Mathematical Analysis for putting on this Special Year, and in particular the Director, Professor Neil Trudinger, for proposing the idea and for the generous support of the Special Year.  Our thanks go also to Dr John Hutchinson and Professor Leon Simon who were Acting Directors for periods of 1987.  The organisation of the Year would have been beyond the capabilities of the editors were it not for the assistance of the administrative staff of the Centre.  Our warm thanks go in particular to Mrs Marilyn Gray who by her persistent harrying of us to make decisions and by her efficiency in carrying them out made the Special Year possible.  She was ably assisted by Mrs Dorothy Nash and Mrs Jillian Smith; our thanks go to them also.  Finally we wish to thank all the participants for their patience and presence and contributions to the mathematical life in Canberra, and on behalf of the restaurateurs of Canberra for keeping them in business.


Chapter Page number
1 - A transmutation property of the Generalized abel transform associated with the root system A2 (pdf 284.47 KB)
RJ Beerends
2 - On Some C*-Dynamical systems (pdf 300.43 KB)
Ola Bratteli
3 - A class of ergodic measures (pdf 399.17 KB)
Gavin Brown, AH Dooley
4 - Trigonometric sums and polynomial zeros (pdf 344.02 KB)
Gavin Brown, David C Wilson
5 - Representations of infinite dimensional groups and applications (pdf 614.82 KB)
AL Carey
6 - On the L1 behavior of eigenfunction expansions and singular integral operators (pdf 1.97 MB)
Michael Christ, Christopher D Sogge
7 - Rigidity, Von Neumann Algebras and Semisimple groups (pdf 811.82 KB)
Michael Cowling
8 - Harmonic Analysis and Exceptional representations of semisimple groups (pdf 2 MB)
KM Davis, JE Gilbert, RA Kunze
9 - Invariant differential operators in harmonic analsyis on real hyberbolic space (pdf 1.57 MB)
KM Davis, JE Gilbert, RA Kunze
10 - Remarks on non-commutative banach function spaces (pdf 201.27 KB)
PG Dodds, B de Pagter
11 - normal subrelations of ergodic equivalence relations (pdf 538.84 KB)
J Feldmann, CE Sutherland, RJ Zimmer
12 - Integration of infinitesimally unitary representations (pdf 881.55 KB)
Roe Goodman
13 - Harmonic Analysis of the Quantum anonlinear Schrodinger Equation (pdf 1.63 MB)
Eugene Gutkin
14 - A Qualitative uncertainty principle for locally compact abelian groups (pdf 562.61 KB)
Jeffrey A Hogan
15 - Fredholm modules associated to Bruhat-Tits building (pdf 1.31 MB)
Pierre Julg, Alain Valette
16 - Irreducible representations that cannot be separated from the trivial representation (pdf 450.67 KB)
E Kaniuth
17 - A remark on the relative entropy (pdf 539.91 KB)
Satoshi Kawakami
18 - Singular integrals on bmo (pdf 313.1 KB)
Douglas S Kurtz
19 - Hankel operators on the paley-wiener space in disk (pdf 656.94 KB)
Peng Lizhong
20 - Induced representatins of crossed products by coactions (pdf 1.2 MB)
Kevin Mansfield
21 - On the transference theorem of coifman and weiss (pdf 649.33 KB)
Christopher Meaney
22 - Discrepancy results for normal numbers (pdf 594.25 KB)
William Moran, CEM Pearce
23 - Lie group imbeddings of the fourier transform and a new family of uncertainty principles (pdf 570.39 KB)
David Mustard
24 - Piecewise linear functions and series expansions in terms of dirichlet and fejer kernels (pdf 297.61 KB)
Rodney Nillsen
25 - The minimal martin boundaries of a cartesian product of trees (pdf 1.92 MB)
Massimo A Picardello, Peter Sjogren
26 - Spectral synthesis of orbits of compact groups (pdf 1.46 MB)
Detlev Poguntke
27 - Supports and localization for multiple fourier series (pdf 300.42 KB)
John F Price
28 - Ideal structure of groupoid crossed product c*Algebras (pdf 237.06 KB)
Jean Renault, Bill Moran
29 - Applications of Analysis on Lipschitz manifolds (pdf 1.35 MB)
Jonathan Rosenberg
30 - Clifford Matrices, Cauchy kowalewski extensions and analytic functionals (pdf 1.51 MB)
John Ryan
31 - Strong Ergodicity and Quotients of Equivalance Relations (pdf 839.29 KB)
Klaus Schmidt
32 - Random walks on a discrete semigroup and Chebysheve polynomials (pdf 412.85 KB)
PM Soardi
33 - Classifying actions of groups on von neumann algebras (pdf 853.69 KB)
Colin E Sutherland
34 - The Boundary associated with a probability measure on a group (pdf 1.11 MB)
G. Willis
35 - Orbit Equivalence lie groups, and foliations (pdf 1.13 MB)
Robert J Zimmer