Miniconference on Harmonic Analysis

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In 1987, the Centre for Mathematical Analysis ran a Special Year on Harmonic Analysis and Operator Algebras.  Most of the activity involved was concentrated in that period from May to August, and in November and December; during this time the Centre was overrun with people with disparate interests, ranging through classical Harmonic Analysis, Representation Theory, Operator Algebras, Ergodic Theory, Number Theory, Non-commutative Topology, and Mathematical Physics; at the same time, the Centre’s usual program in Partial Differential Equations, Functional Analysis and Numerical Analysis was under way.  Space was a problem, but this had its positive aspects too, as persons with different interests, thrown together by fate in the same office, ended up chatting with each other.  Apart from informal discussions and regular and spontaneous seminars, two mini-conferences were held in the May to August period, in the (forlorn) hope that all the visitors would get a chance to speak at one or the other of these, if not both.  This is the result of the first of these mini-conferences.

Our thanks go to the Centre of Mathematical Analysis, all of those facilities were generously made available to us.  In particular, we thank Professor Neil Trudinger, the Director, for suggesting the Special Year and for his support during the organisation thereof, and Doctor John Hutchinson and Professor Leon Simon, who were particularly grateful to Mrs Marilyn Gray, who handled the administration of the Special Year cheerfully and efficiently, and to Mrs Dorothy Nash and Mrs Jill Smith who, together with Marilyn turned garbled manuscripts into nicely typed papers.  Finally, thanks to all the participants who also helped make the enterprise a success, both mathematically and otherwise.


Chapter Page
1 Invariant differential oeprators in some lie groups
FD Battesti, AH Dooley
2 The lapace beltrami operator on unbounded homogeneous domains in C (n)
RC Penney
3 An introduction to the abel transform
RJ Beerends
4 Centrally trivial automorphisms on C*-Algebras
J Phillips
5 Inequalities for measures of sum sets
G Brown
6 A counterexample to localization for multiple fourier series
J Price, L Shepp
7 Jackson's theorem for compact connected lie groups
DI Cartwright, K Kucharski
8 Some uncertainty principles in abstract harmonic analysis
J Price, A Sitaram
9 Oscillatory Integrals
M Cowling, S Disney
10 A duality theorem for crossed products for nonabelian groups
I Raeburn
11 A heat equation approach to boutet de monvel's index theorem for toeplitz operators
E Getzler
12 Derivatives of invariant polynomials on a semisimple lie algebra
RW Richardson
13 disintegration of measures according to the dimension and its relation with random coverings and multiplicative chaos
JP Kahane
14 Functional Calculi for the lapace operator in L(p) (IR)
WJ Ricker
15 Fourier transorm associated with holomorphic discrete series
T Kawazoe
16 Integration of Iie Algebras
DW Robinson
17 Additive set functions of bounded phi-variation
I Kluvanek
18 Homogeneous banach spaces of type C
JA Ward
19 On the frobenius reciprocity theorem for square integrable representations of nonunimodular groups
RA Kunze
20 Evolution Operators of Parabolic Equations in Continuous function space
A Yagi
21 Better good Lambda inequalities
DS Kurtz
22 Hankel operators on the Paley-Wiener space in IRD
P Lizhong
23 The Charactiersitc function of a uniformly continuous semigroup
BW McEnnis
24 Fourier Theory on Lipschitz curves
A McIntosh, Q Tao
25 On the representation theory of Su (2,1)
C Meaney
26 Non-Monomial representations of abelian groups with multipliers
LW Baggett, AL Carey, W Moran, R Ramsay
27 Ergodic measures for the actions of dense subgroups
W Moran

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M Cowling, C Meaney, W Moran

Miniconference on Harmonic Analysis and Operator Algebras
Canberra 5-8 August and 2-3 December 1987

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