AMSI International Conference on Harmonic Analysis and Applications

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The AMSI International Conference in Harmonic Analysis and Applications was held at Macquarie University, in Sydney, from 7 to 11 February 2011.  The topics presented included analysis on Lie Groups, functions spaces, singular integrals, applications to partial differential equations and image processing, and wavelets.

This conference brought together leading international and Australian researchers, as well as young Australian researchers and PhD students, in the field of Harmonic Analysis and related topics for the dissemination of the most recent developments in the field, and for discussions on future directions.  The intention was to display the breadth and depth of recent work in Harmonic Analysis, to reinforce existing collaboration, and to forge new links.

As organisers of the conference, we are grateful to the conference participants and speakers, many of whom travelled large distances for their contributions.  Financial support for the conferences was provided by the AMSI and the Department of Mathematics at Macquarie University.  As editors of this volume, we would also like to thank the Centre for Mathematics and its Applications in Canberra for help in preparing these proceedings.  The smooth running of the conference would not have been possible without the organisational skills of Christine Hale of the Department of Mathematics at Macquarie University.

This volume contains proceedings of the conference.  Each article in this volume has been peer referred.  We thank all the authors for their excellent contributions and the referees for their attention to detail.


1Quadratic estimates for pertubed Dirac type operators on doubling measure metric spaces
Lashi Bandara
2Boundedness of maximal operators and maximal commutators on non-homogeneous spaces
The Anh Bui
3Boundedness of maximal functions on non-doubling manifolds with ends
Xuan Thinh Duong, Ji Li, Adam Sikora
4Translation-Invariant Clifford Operators
Jeff Hogan, Andrew J. Morris
5Tight frames and rotations: sharp bounds on eigenvalues of the Laplacian
R. S. Laugesen
6On the regularity and rigidity theorems and problems for the solutions of some class of the degenerate elliptic partial differential equations
Song-Ying Li
7Riesz transforms of some parabolic operators
E. M. Ouhabaz, C. Spina
8Uniqueness properties of diffusion processes
Derek W. Robinson
9Conjugation weights and weighted convolution algebras on totally disconnected, locally compact groups
George Willis

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Edited by

Xuan Duong (Macquarie University)

Jeff Hogan (University of Newcastle)

Chris Meaney (Macquarie University)

Adam Sikora (Macquarie University)

AMSI International Conference on harmonic Analysis and Applications (Macquarie University, February 2011)