Miniconference on Probability and Analysis


This volume contains the complete proceedings of the miniconference, "Probability and Analysis", held at the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, in July 1991.  The main topics of the conference were the use of probability in analysis, and geometric and operator theoretic aspects of Banach space theory.  The inspiration for the conference was the visits to Australia of Aleksander Pelczynski and Don Burkholder.  After some intiial indecision as to whether organising a conference was really a good idea, Werner, Ricker and Ian Doust put the wheels in motions.  Professors Pelczynski and Burkholder were joined by local invited speakers Gavin Brown, Garth Gaudry and Alan McIntosh.  Another twenty speakers gave contributed papers.  In total over fifty mathematicians from a wide variety of institutions took part in what was to be a very enjoyable meeting, spanning a wide range of analysis.

We would like to record our thanks to all the bodies who have directly and indirectly supported this meeting:

  • The Centre for Mathematics and it's Applications ANU
  • The Australian Mathematical Society.
  • The Australian Research Council
  • The University of New South Wales.

We should especially like to thank Mrs Marilyn Gray from the CMA for all of her usual efficient help behind the scenes, the secretarial staff at the University of NSW for cheerfully putting up with another conference, and all our colelagues who attended and who made the job or the organisers very easy.


Chapter Page number
1 - Some New Applications of Riesz Products (pdf 700.22 KB)
Gavin Brown
2 - Some Properties of Symmetric Operator Spaces (pdf 2.44 MB)
Peter G. Dodds and Theresa K.-Y. Dodds
3 - Unitary Approximation and Submajorization (pdf 1.17 MB)
Peter G. Dodds and Theresa K.-Y. Dodds
4 - On Kakutani's Criterion and Shiryaev's Theorem (pdf 345.92 KB)
A.H. Dooley
5 - Subelliptic Operators on Lie Groups (pdf 1.18 MB)
A.F.M. ter Elst and Derek W. Robinson
6 - The Frechet Differentiability on Convex Functions on C(S) (pdf 1.22 MB)
Roger Eyland and Bernice Sharp
7 - Clifford Martingales, The T(b) Theorem and Cauchy Integrals (pdf 1.03 MB)
Garth I. Gaudry
8 - Differentiability Properties of Banach Spaces where the Boundary of the Closed Unit Ball has Denting Point Properties (pdf 909.98 KB)
John R. Giles and Warren B. Moors
9 - On Weak Solutions of Stochastic Evolution Equations with Unbounded Coefficients (pdf 870.19 KB)
Beniamin Goldys
10 - On Some Trace Inequalities (pdf 332.48 KB)
Hideki Kosaki
11 - Representations of Compact Groups, Cuntz-Krieger Algebras, and Groupoid C*-Algebras (pdf 839.15 KB)
M.H. Mann, lain Raeburn and C.E. Sutherland
12 - M.H. Mann, lain Raeburn and C.E. Sutherland (pdf 1.56 MB)
C. Meaney and E. Prestini
13 - A Continuity Property Related to an Index of Non-WCG and Its Implications (pdf 731.92 KB)
Warren B. Moors
14 - The Poincare-Bertrand Formula for the Hilbert Transform (pdf 910.88 KB)
Susumu Okada
15 - Non Isomorphism of the Disc Algebra with Spaces of Differentiable Functions (pdf 1.24 MB)
A. Pelczynski
16 - Inequalities for the Joint Spectrum of Simultaneously Triangularizable Matrices (pdf 947.74 KB)
A.J. Pryde
17 - The Heat Kernel for H-Type Groups (pdf 297.16 KB)
Jennifer Randall
18 - Weak Compactness in Spaces of Linear Operators (pdf 895.9 KB)
Werner J. Ricker
19 - Fragmentability of Rotund Banach Spaces (pdf 914.81 KB)
Scott Sciffer
20 - On the Uniform Classification of Lp(/l) Spaces (pdf 580.79 KB)
Anthony Weston
21 - Hypergroups and Harmonic Analysis (pdf 1.11 MB)
N.J. Wildberger