International conference on harmonic analysis

This volume contains the proceedings of the International Conference on Harmonic Analysis and Related Topics held at Macquarie University, Sydney, from January 14–18, 2002. The conference celebrated the many significant achievements and contributions to mathematics of Professor Alan G. R. McIntosh, on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday. A large number of the speakers were his mathematical protégés and co-authors, and all expressed their gratitude to Alan for the way he had influenced or nurtured their careers.

The conference brought together researchers working in harmonic and functional analysis, linear and non-linear partial differential equations, functional calculus and operator theory, and included researchers from North America, Europe and Asia as well as Australia.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the contributors to this volume and the sponsors of the conference, the Centre for Mathematics and its Applications at ANU and the Department of Mathematics and the Division of Information and Communication Sciences at Macquarie University. Our thanks also go to Dr Chris Wetherell for his editorial assistance in preparing this volume. We especially thank Alan McIntosh for his participation. A short synopsis of Alan’s career, and a full list of his publications to date are included in this volume.

Contributions for the proceedings were invited from all participants. All papers received were carefully refereed by peer referees.