AMSI-ANU workshop on spectral theory & harmonic analysis


This volume contains the proceedings of the AMSI–ANU Workshop on Spectral Theory and Harmonic Analysis, organised by Daniel Daners, Xuan Duong, Andrew Hassell, Alan McIntosh and Robert Taggart at the Australian National University in July 2009. The meeting was sponsored by the Mathematical Sciences Institute of the Australian National University and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute whose support is gratefully acknowledged.

The workshop covered a variety of topics in spectral theory and harmonic analysis, and brought together experts, early career researchers, and doctoral students from Australia, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain and the USA. It is our hope that this volume reflects the lively research atmosphere of this conference. We are particularly honoured to open the proceedings with an expository article by Jan van Neerven, which was based on a series of lectures he presented at the workshop.

We wish to express our appreciation to the authors who contributed to this volume, to Daniel Daners and Xuan Duong who were fellow organisers of the workshop, and to the CMA and MSI support staff (Annette Hughes and Alison Irvine) who ensured that the event ran smoothly.

Each article in this volume was peer refereed.