Miniconferences on Analysis and Applications

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This volume represents the proceedings of the miniconference on "Analysis and Applications" held at The University of Queensland from the 20th to the 23rd of September 1993. The conference was sponsored by The Unit for Mathematical Analysis of The University of Queensland, the Centre for Mathematics and its Applications at Australian National University and The Australian Mathematical Society. Bevan Thompson and Neil Trudinger formed the Programme Committee while Bevan and Tim Cranny handled most of the organisational details.

The scope of the conference was very broad including Linear and Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Applications of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations to questions in Analysis and Geometry, Harmonic Analysis, Numerical Analysis and Nonlinear Analysis in general. Indeed the scope was so great that it is impossible to summarize here other than to point out the pervading theme of nonlinear analysis and its applications, particularly in geometry.

Contributions for the proceedings were sought at the conference. Many, but not all, of the papers received were refereed. Most of the contributions are expository in nature, either surveying the author's recent work or aspects of a particular field in which the author works. One can see from the contributions the enormous range and depth of analysis currently being studied in Australasia.

The conference was a great success, blessed by good organisation, great weather and the invigorating presence of several overseas colleagues.

Gaven Martin and Bevan Thompson


Chapter Page
1 Two Notes on Supercritical Problems on Long Domains
E.N. Dancer
2 Nonlinear Oblique Boundary Value Problems for Two Dimensional Hessian and Curvature Equations
John Urbas
3 Shadowing and Approximation in Dynamical Systems
P. Diamond, P. Kloeden and A. Pokrovskii
4 Integrable Systems and the Geometry of Differential Operators
P.J. Vassiliou
5 Multivalued Spatial Discretization of Dynamical Systems
P. Diamond, P. Kloeden and A. Pokrovskii
6 Existence of a Potential by Kurzweil-Henstock Integration
R. Výborný
7 Invariant Theory in Differential Geometry
Michael Eastwood
8 Multiwell Problems and Restrictions on Microstructure
Kewei Zhang
9 On Mean Curvature Flow of Surfaces in Riemannian 3-Manifolds
Klaus Ecker
10 Hopf Bifurcation of a Class of PDE's
Xiangjian He and Zhuhan Jiang
11 Degenerate Holomorphic Mappings of Nondegenerate CR-Manifolds
A.V. Isaev
12 Travelling Wave Solutions for a Drying Problem
Miloš Ilic
13 107 The Maximum Principle for Degenerate Parabolic PDE's with Singularities
Hitoshi Ishii
14 Compensated Compactness, Commutators and Hardy Spaces
Chun Li
15 Representations of Functions in Sobolev Spaces in Terms of Finite Differences
Wai-Lok Lo
16 Measurable Conformal Mappings in Space
Gaven J. Martin
17 Formation of Singularities in Solutions of the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with Critical Power Nonlinearity
Hayato Nawa
18 Evolving Convex Hypersurfaces
Ben Andrews
19 Transference from Lipschitz Graphs to Periodic Lipschitz Graphs
Tao Qian
20 Rotating Drops Trapped between Parallel Planes
Maria Athanassenas
21 Monotone Convergent Methods for a Variational Inequality
David E. Stewart and Steven J. Wright
22 Indefinite Integrals of Fuctions From Lp(R)
Bolis Basit and Alan J. Pryde
23 Degenerate Monge-Ampère Equations in Algebraic Geometry
Hajime Tsuji

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First published in Australia 1994

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Gaven Martin and Bevan Thompson

Miniconference on Analysis and Applications (Brisbane, 1993)

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