Workshop/Miniconference on Functional Analysis/Optimization

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This volume of the Proceedings of the Centre for Mathematical Analysis contains papers by participants in the Workshop/Miniconference on Functional Analysis/Optimization held in Canberra in August, 1988. Some of the papers were prepared beforehand and were presented at the Miniconference. But importantly, some have resulted from collaboration which occurred there in response to problems raised in the sessions; this is the special return from the prolonged Workshop experience.

The theme of the Workshop/Miniconference was Functional Analysis/Optimization and although most participants worked in one or other of the two areas, a small group worked in both. The pervasive influence of Rockafellar and Clarke meant that in many cases we all had some familiarity with the tools used by each other so there was more unity than might have been expected. Although the papers in this volume are easily identified as being in one of the two areas, a commonality of background is often evident.

We wish to thank the Centre for Mathematical Analysis for making all its facilites available for the August period and for processing these proceedings for publication. In particular we would like to thank the Director, Professor Neil Trudinger for suggesting the conference and for facilitating the visits of our overseas participants. The Workshop/Miniconference attracted participants from Bulgaria, Canada, England, France, Greece, Israel and the United States of America as well as members from ten Australasian universities.

Especially we wish to thank Mrs Marilyn Gray the Secretary of the Centre, who so efficiently handled the administration of the Workshop/Miniconference from early in 1987 when visitor arrangements were being made, up to the end of 1988 when the proceedings were being put to press.

We also thank Mrs Jan Garnsey, secretary to the Department of Mathematics at the University of Newcastle for her assistance with correspondence and Mrs Dorothy Nash for her support during the August meeting.

And, of course, our thanks to our colleagues who made August 1988 in Canberra such a pleasant and productive time.

Simon Fitzpatrick and John Giles


1On the connectedness properties of suns in finite dimensional spaces
A.L. Brown
2Langrangian conditions for a minimax
B.D. Craven
3Differentiability of distance functions in normed linear spaces with uniformly Gâteaux differentiable norm
Brett Davis
4On generic differentiability of locally Lipschitz functions on Banach space
G. de Barra, Simon Fitzpatrick and J.R. Giles
5Contractive projections on Banach spaces
Ian Doust
6Representing monotone operators by convex functions
Simon Fitzpatrick
7Nearest points in convex sets in normed linear spaces
Simon Fitzpatrick and John Giles
8Most of the two-person zero-sum games have unique solution
P.S. Kenderov and N.K. Ribarska
9Strong density of finite rank operators in subalgebras of B(X)
M.S. Lambrou
10The convergence of entropic estimates for moment problems
A.S. Lewis
11Absolutely Chebyshev subspaces
Åsvald Lima and David Yost
12Non-reflexive realizations of non-distributive subspace lattices
W.E. Longstaff
13Spaces of large dimension; some counter-intuitive results
V.D. Milman
14A non-commutative joint spectral theory
A.J. Pryde
15Invexity in nonlinear programs and control problems
I. Smart
16Orthogonality and fixed points of nonexpansive maps
Brailey Sims
17An approximation theoretic characterisation of inner product spaces
A.L. Brown
18Bellman's equation and a continuous linear programming problem
W.R.S. Sutherland
19On the differentiability of convex functions
Maria Elena Verona
20A problem on nearest points in Banach spaces
Jonathon M. Borwein and Simon Fitzpatrick
21The valuation of contingent securities
A. Brace, A. Lewis and G.N. Newsam
R.J. Loy

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