Mini-Conference on Free and Moving Boundary and Diffusion Problems

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Venue: Australian National University (Canberra)


As part of the special year devoted to the Application and Numerical Solutions to Partial Differential Equations, the Centre for Mathematical Analysis at the Australian National University, Canberra, hosted a Min-conference on Free and Moving Boundary and Diffusion Problems on June 14-16, 1990.  The primary aim was to stimulate strong interaction between moving boundary and diffusion problems and mathematicians (pure, applied, and computational) working on the mathematical theory as well as on the exact and approximate solution of such problems.  In addition, the Mini-conference aimed to foster the interest of younger colleagues in research connected with these problems.  A number of Australian and overseas speakers were invited to participate.

This volume contains the proceedings of the Mini-conference.  The papers are arranged in their order of presentation at the conference.  Alternatively, the papers could have been organised in terms of the focus they gave to deliberations about the applications and numerical solutions of free and moving boundary and diffusion problems.  In particular, such a reorganisation would fall naturally under the following headings:  specific and novel applications, analytic and semianalytic methods, numerical techniques and theoretical studies.

Bob Anderson, CSIRO &CMA

Jim Hill, University of Wollongong

Amiya Pani, IIT, Bombay


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1 Similarity solutions for nonlinear diffusion and related phenomena
J.M. Hill
2 Diffusion with trapping and fast diffusion parths
L.R.F Rose
3 Relaxed variational principles and algorithms for the equalibria of rotating self-gravitating fluids
G. Auchmuty
4 A survey of supercooled stefan problems
J. N. Dewynne
5 Fire spread as a moving boundary
R.O. Weber
6 Velocity and shape selection in dendritic growth
M.N. Barber
7 Water non-waves
E.O. Tuck
8 Oscillations in parabolic neutral systems
K. Gopalsamy
9 A pirori error estimates for finite element galerkin approximations to a free boundary problem in polymer technology
A.K. Pani and R.S. Anderssen
10 A pirori error estimates for finite element galerkin approximations to a free boundary problem in polymer technology
A.K. Pani and R.S. Anderssen
11 Moving boundary problems with nonlinear diffusion
P. Broadbridge
12 Regularity for obstacle problems with applications to the free boundaries in the constrained least gradient problem
G. Williams
13 The freezing time for pseudo-ellipsoids
A. McNabb and R.S. Anderssen
14 Moving boundary problems in solid/liquid separation
K.A. Landman and L.R. White
15 Waiting-time behaviour for a fourth-order nonlinear diffusion equation
N. F. Smyth
16 Deposition from a curved Shallow flow treated as a moving boundary of constant form
R. A Wooding

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Mini-Conference on Inverse Problems in Partial Differential Equations

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