NEMACOM - New Methods in Applied and Computational Mathematics Workshop

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In July 1998 the first NEMACOM (NEw Methods in Applied and COmputational Mathematics) workshop was held at the campus of the University of Southern Queensland at Hervey Bay on the Wide-Bay-Burnett coast of Queensland. At the workshop a number of different topics in applied and computational mathematics were presented ranging from computational statistics and stochastic processes, through optimization, optimal control, graph theoretic methods in computational mathematics, the use of dynamical systems techniques for meteorology, modelling the solar atmosphere and geo-hydrological processes, simulating rigid-body dynamics, and the future of the Fast Fourier Transform. In this proceedings we present papers covering a selection of the topics presented. We would like to thank all those who participated in NEMACOM98 for attending, and for their contributions to this proceedings.

We would also like to thank:

  1. the Australian Mathematical Society, and
  2. Numerical Algorithms Group plc, Oxford, UK

for their financial support of NEMACOM98. We would also like to thank the Centre for Mathematics and its Applications at the School of Mathematical Sciences, Australian National University for publishing this proceedings.


1On the Implementation of Algebraic Multigrid Methods on Vector and Parallel-Vector Computers
Lutz Grosz
2Approximate Models of Dynamic Thermoviscoelasticity Describing Shape-Memory-Alloy Phase Transitions
R.V.N. Melnik and A.J. Roberts
3Using Graph Theory to Improve Some Algorithms in Scientific Computing
Suely Oliveira
4Variable Selection and Control in Least Squares Problems
Michael R. Osborne
5Modelling Non-isothermal Flows in Porous Media: A Case Study Using an Example of the Great Artesian Basin, Australia
Irene Pestov
6Simulation of Rigid-Body Dynamics with Impact and Friction
David E. Stewart and Zbigniew Leyk
7Local Error Growth and Predictability of Ensemble Perturbations in Chaotic Dynamical Systems
Mozheng Wei
8The Calculation of Eigenvalues for Nonadiabatic Oscillations in Magnetized Polytropic Atmospheres
Warren P. Wood

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