Bridging course

This course will focus on a selection of fundamental Mathematical content. Topics covered will include:

  • Basic Algebra
  • Functions and Relations
  • Differentiation
  • Integration

Who should take the Maths Bridging Course?

Any student who needs, or wants, to take Mathematics and Applications 1 (MATH1013) as part of their degree program, but does not have the required prerequisite knowledge, should seriously consider taking this bridging course. We expect MATH1013 students to know at least the content of an ACT Specialist Mathematics major-minor, or the content of the HSC Mathematics Extension 1 course, or an equivalent from another jurisdiction.

Follow this link for further information about who we expect to take the bridging course.

Course delivery

The course normally runs in early February. In 2020 the dates are 10th to 19th February.

The cost of the 8-day bridging course is $150.